January 23rd, 2017

Quotable: Paralympic champion on why a possible Budapest Olympics has to be completely transparent

“If we hold the Olympics without every single decision and the smallest sum spent being transparent, accountable and accessible for everyone, then it will be nothing but another gigantic theft project.”

Dóra Pásztory, Paralympic swimming champion on Budapest’s bid to hold the 2024 Summer Olympics. The bid has been pushed forward without any public consultation by the government and the Budapest City Council, and has been widely criticized for putting and oversized financial burden on Hungary. Many think the preparations and constructions would also provide the Fidesz-friendly elite another opportunity for large-scale corruption. [wmn.hu]
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  • National Hiphop

    “Another gigantic theft project”. Very well said. That is exactly why the gov’t keeps pushing the bid and they will be very cross if Momentum’s local referendum drive goes through.

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