February 9th, 2017

Expert: public education unfit to prepare students for language exams

Many hard-working students have no chance of passing their intermediate-level language exam in grammar schools because the public education system has not prepared them sufficiently well, the head of the Language Skills Association told Magyar Nemzet. Zoltán Rozgonyi said the human resources ministry, responsible for the education portfolio, had no idea what was needed in terms of material and human resources to guarantee the appropriate level of language education in schools.

No one knows why, given the high number of hours devoted to language teaching, so few students manage to take an intermediate level language exam, he said. Students who supplemented their public education language-learning by taking extra lessons in private language schools had no problem passing their exam, he noted.

Rozgonyi said that László Székely, the public ombudsman, had written a report accusing the government of stipulating the requirement for all students to pass an intermediate-level language exam from 2020 without having made the necessary preparations.

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