February 9th, 2017

Fidesz group leader outlines main legislative tasks in same old fashion

Outlining Fidesz’s main legislative goals of the spring session, Lajos Kósa, the party’s parliamentary group leader, highlighted “defending the policies of reducing household bills and tax cuts”, restoring detention for illegal migrants and introducing “new, atypical forms of employment”. Kósa told a news conference that moves should be made to prevent the European Union from taking energy pricing decisions out of the hands of national governments. Also, attempts by Brussels to raise taxation policy making to the level of the bloc must be resisted, he said.

The government will also continue “pursuing its battles” on migration-related issues, such as Hungary’s reinstating the detention of asylum seekers. Brussels has also challenged the government’s plan to mandate that asylum seekers who appeal the rejection of their applications wait for the second-instance decision in a closed zone, he said. Meanwhile, Fidesz plans to amend the civil code, Kósa said, noting plans to ensure financial transparency in the civil sector. “Hungarians should know whether, say, more than 5-10 % of an NGO’s budgeted activities are funded from abroad,” he said. Civil groups that fail to disclose this information will have to suspend their activities until they fulfil this obligation, Kósa said.

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