February 10th, 2017

Government plan would house migrants in storage containers at southern border – The Budapest Beacon

After a two-week break, Minister Overseeing the Prime Minister’s Office János Lázár presided over the weekly government press conference Thursday where, among other things, he detailed the Hungarian government’s plans for continuing its fight to keep refugees and asylum-seekers from entering the country.

He said a new law would be considered by the governing parties next week that would allow for all immigrants and refugees to be housed in 200-300-person containers on the southern border, where they would be required to remain until a decision is made in their case.

Source: Government plan would house migrants in storage containers at southern border – The Budapest Beacon

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  • be housed in 200-300-person containers

    That must be real yuge containers…

    • Vidra

      Not if they’ve already passed through the crematorium

  • One thing from that article that stands out:
    “Lázár said the abuses all occurred in contracts signed between the city and various contractors, and the national government bears no financial responsibility.”

    Meaning Fidesz admits it cannot blame it on Gyurcsany…

    • Pali

      You dumb crow, Fidesz is not admitting anything. Besides what’s that got to do with the migrants in containers?

      • National Hiphop

        Palikám, mind your feckin language. Of course it has got to do with Fidesz – they would never miss an opportunity when it comes to stealing.

        • Pali

          How would you know. Perhaps you are secretly a member of Fidesz. Let yourself into that one, didn’t you.

      • I believe you have to ask ‘Fast Johnny’ about that, then he said it on an official Government Press Conference.
        Just read my previous post again – Fidesz claims, correctly, that the Metro 4 project was a Budapest-thing, not a national Hungarian project, hence the Government now or the previous Government cannot be involved.

        Was that slow enough even for you?

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