February 10th, 2017

Roma said barred from popular pedestrian area in Budapest’s revitalized Jewish district

Two Facebook posts recently gave accounts of two young Roma (Gypsy) women being discriminated by security staff at Gozsdu Courtyard, a busy center of Budapest’s popular “party quarter” in District VII, reports Index.hu.

The Facebook posts were written by the victims of the discrimination, who reported that they were crossing Gozsdu Courtyard on Saturday night when they were stopped security guards, who insisted on escorting them through the remaining short distance through the courtyard. The two women asked for clarification of the reason why they were escorted, and the supervisor of the guards – also of Roma ethnicity himself – admitted that he was told to do so whenever Roma people cross the courtyard.

According to an unnamed source, Gozsdu Courtyard is protected by a different security firm from the ones that look after the numerous pubs and clubs in its area. The reason for this is that recently there are more and more pick-pockets, dealers and prostitutes who specialize in ripping off foreign guests.

A man working in the neighbourhood complained in an open letter two weeks ago that he was stopped from going through the courtyard by the guards, while trying to go home from work. As he wrote, the only possible reason for that could be that he wore a hoodie.

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