February 13th, 2017

LMP calls for new direction for Hungary in their state of the nation address

The co-leaders of the green LMP party called for a radically new direction for Hungary, saying that the old political elite had been discredited and that too many people had become “losers of the new regime” in the decades since the fall of communism. Speaking at the opposition party’s state of the nation address over the weekend, Bernadett Szél said the most important task of the day was to support the signature drive demanding Hungary drop its bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games in Budapest. She said her party aims to draw as many people as possible back to politics.

“Hungary today needs idealists, people who refuse to accept that things cannot be changed,” she said. Szél listed as priorities the elimination of poverty among working people, strengthening Hungarian businesses and consolidating health care and education. LMP stands by women and everyone else who refuses to accept that they are at a disadvantage in their own country, she said, adding that they also want to create opportunities for success in rural areas, where they believe smallholdings hold the key to economic recovery.

Ákos Hadházy said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wanted to have silence in the country in 2017, by controlling “the media broadcasting propaganda”, discrediting political opponents and by eliminating newspapers and television channels reporting government corruption. Nevertheless, people were aware of the truth even in the darkest communist times, he said. Hadházy said LMP was preparing for a “life-changing election”. He added, however, that the vote would not be fair, arguing that the opposition only has access to minimal levels of funding compared to the government, and hundreds of thousands of Hungarians living abroad are excluded from voting. More and more people realise that what is going on is “the most extensive series of organised government theft in history,” he said.

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