February 15th, 2017

Hungary hits snags with squad to stop migrants – BBC News

A new police unit in Hungary, launched to reinforce patrols along the 175km (110-mile) border fence with Serbia, is struggling to find suitable candidates despite a massive recruitment drive.

Many fail the psychology test, one of several designed to weed out inappropriate applicants. .

Source: Hungary hits snags with squad to stop migrants – BBC News

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  • “Many fail the psychology test”

    If you call something officially for ‘border-hunters’ and tell them they will have batons and firearms…you will get the wrong crowd.
    Of course normal Police does not like to have a lot of idiots running around in the same type of Police uniforms as the normal Police, then there will be no difference.
    And one day these ‘border-hunters’ will perform riot-duties in Budapest, then they are just normal Police Officers, but Fidesz’ fast-tracked such, where handling a baton and ‘arrest-techniques’i are essential, which will be handy in Budapest a few years later.

    • National Hiphop

      Meanwhile in America, people with mental health problems can have access to firearms again… Maybe they’ve got something to learn from us indeed.

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