February 15th, 2017

KDNP backs “European citizens’ ” initiative against same-sex marriage

The so-called “Christian Democrats” have voiced support for a European citizens’ initiative aimed at protecting the institutions of marriage and family in the European Union. A European citizens’ initiative is a mechanism for Europeans to initiate EU laws through a petition.

The initiative being backed by KDNP, dubbed “Mum, Dad and Kids”, calls for an EU-wide definition of marriage as between a man and a woman and the family as based on marriage. Speaking at a press conference after signing the petition, KDNP parliamentary group leader Péter Harrach said the definition of family being sought by the European initiative was “in line with Hungary’s constitution and the law on the protection of families”. KDNP deputy leader Bence Rétvári told the same press conference that it was time to put an end to the “double standards” on family matters in Brussels, namely that those who support the definition of a “traditional family” are “always forced to take a back seat”.

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  • put an end to the “double standards” on family matters in Brussels, namely that those who support the definition of a “traditional family” are “always forced to take a back seat”

    Since when was taking the backseat the same as “double standards”?
    If you do not sit on two seats, of course…

    Here we have another perfect example of European Family Values:
    Cannot stopp loving Hungarian Blind Komondor Dogs

  • Vidra

    I don’t understand why these god-botherers are so hung up on same-sex relationships. Is it because they believe that the masses are so stupid that they’ll say “ooh, I think I’ll try that” to anything they see on TV or because their own sexuality (or lack of it) is stirred at the thought of man-on-man action? “Because God says it’s wrong” is hardly a 21st century answer..

  • National Hiphop

    Fortunately these Pseudo-Xtian Parasytes are a bunch of slaps, as they signed an expired petition :DDD

    Hungary’s in safe hands indeed…

  • wolfi

    I could produce a long list of “Christian” politicians whose children don’t have “a father and a mother” because the oh-so Christian guy left the girl he impregnated – starting woth O’s idol Seehofer.

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