February 15th, 2017

Socialists: planned detention system humiliates refugees

Asylum seekers entering Hungary should be properly screened, but the authorities should not abuse or humiliate them during the vetting process, Zsolt Molnár, the head of Parliament’s national security committee, told Kossuth Radio. Regarding the government’s planned reintroduction of migrant detention, Molnár said that if brought back, the regulation should guarantee fair asylum procedures to migrants. Government office chief János Lázár first announced plans to reintroduce a system for detaining migrants last month. Accordingly, migrants seeking asylum will be banned from moving around freely on Hungarian soil until their case has been ruled on. Also, rejected applicants will be banned from crossing Hungary’s borders until they have received a binding ruling.

Asked if his party supported the planned regulation, Molnár said they had yet to see the draft legislation. The party will only be able to determine whether such a system would serve the security of Hungarians and Europeans, as well as whether or not it concords with European Union law, after it has reviewed the actual proposal, Molnár said. He added, however, that so far the proposal appeared propagandistic, arguing that the laws currently in place allowed for the detention of migrants who are found to be abusing the asylum system.

Molnár said it was also questionable whether a procedure in which authorities never even interact with the asylum seekers in question was in line with the legal norms that guarantee fair asylum procedures even to those migrants whose asylum applications are ultimately rejected. The government plans to set up asylum hearings via video link. However, Molnár refused to categorically rule out supporting the proposal.

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  • Stephen Christie

    These people will not work expect a glorious free life loads of money 4 bedroom house if they dont get it well there situation is the same and they dont like it so they kick off the spineless liberals kiss there arses poor people have mental health issues just makes you sick when the liberals couldn’t care totally ignore starving children who,s only means of nourishment is a food bank the conservatives are cruel people the labor party only speak about immigrants both party’s disgust me more so labour who treat there voters like idiot scum never forget the damage blair and brown did to this country

    • Vidra

      I bet you can’t say all that without pausing for breath. It would be quite fun to see “lack of punctuation” listed as Alt-Rightists’ cause of death.

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