February 16th, 2017

Gov’t extends “state of crisis because of migration” until September

The government has decided to extend the so-called state of crisis in connection with the migration situation until September 7, the prime minister’s security advisor told public television. György Bakondi said Hungary registers up to 150 cases of illegal migrants attempting to cross its borders each day. He said the flashpoint was on the border with Serbia, where it is still necessary to deploy police and military forces “intensively”. Other points on the Ukrainian and Romanian borders are also significantly affected, he said.

Hungary first introduced the special measures almost a year ago. Originally, the state of emergency was to have expired on March 6 this year. He said information gathered by the secret services suggested that more and more people connected with the so-called Islamic State are participating in migrant smuggling.

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  • “information gathered by the secret services suggested”

    Yes, they get that info directly from Kremlin…but they are still unable to find anybody even if catching 150 per day…Fideszque efficiency.

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