February 17th, 2017

Hungary protests planned EU visa rules

A decision by the EU justice and home affairs council to unify visa regulations for third country citizens entering the EU will harm Hungarian communities abroad, the government office chief said. János Lázár told a weekly news briefing that the Visegrad Group vigorously protested the decision. The right to decide who enters Hungary is the country’s prerogative, he said, noting that the decision would adversely affect non-resident Hungarians living beyond the country’s borders. Another decision to be discussed in the council in March concerning the registration of EU citizens entering and leaving the Schengen zone would harm the interests of ethnic Hungarians because it would slow down the entry process considerably, he added.

Meanwhile, on the topic of security and immigration, Lázár insisted that Hungary was the safest country in Europe, adding that illegal migration, however, could compromise its “recently restored” public security. He said that the number of reported crime cases had been between 270,000-290,000 in 2016, down from 450,000 in 2010. He attributed that reduction to such factors as the addition of 7,100 officers to the police force.

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  • wolfi

    There’s a simple solution:
    Throw Hungary out of the EU – or at least out of the Schengen treaty!

    Remember that Fidesz made its own rules – selling visas to everybody who could afford it for a loan of around 300 000 €? And with this “business” some Fidesz affiliated companies (offshore of course …) made good money.

  • What we speak about are those ethnic Hungarians who are not citizens of any EU member state, which then would boil down to Ukraine and Serbia in Europe, plus everybody else from outside Europe.
    Given that Fidesz dishes out an Hungarian citizenship to everybody who has Hungarian roots, looks white and knows a bit Hungarian, this is hardly a real problem, especially for those living inside pre-Trianon Hungary.

    It shows thou, yet again, why EU never will work effectively as it is organised today, where all 28 member states must agree and the smallest country with just 250 000 citizens has the power to stop progress for the other over 500 million citizens.

    The thing with Schengen is just exactly the opposite from what the Fidesz’ Government office chief János Lázár is claiming here:
    “The right to decide who enters Hungary is the country’s prerogative”
    With Schengen, this is a Common prerogative.

    Also Fidesz is using exactly this argument themselves why they must stop refugees from entering Hungary – they will go to other countries in the Schengen area unchecked. On this issue they flip-flop that argument.

  • Obviously not only Fidesz is against this:

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