February 22nd, 2017

Quotable: anonymous Fidesz source on what they are really afraid of concerning Olympics bid

“We would be in real trouble if Hungary’s Olympics bid was successful, not if a referendum prevented it altogether.”

Anonymous high-ranking Fidesz source commenting on Momentum Movement’s referendum drive before its results were announced. [hvg.hu]
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  • …so Momentum is just another pro-Fidesz front…?

    • National Hiphop

      Says who? That’s like venturing into conspiracy theory land…

      • In the end of the day, there are, as this quote shows, some/many inside Fidesz who are happy over what Momentum achieved…if you extrapolate that, you get my joke.

  • anti-communist

    Really, then why wasn’t there held and referendum earlier..or an even better question: why did Fidesz bid for the Olympics and spend 50 million euro on it?

  • Vidra

    So it’s official. Subject to ratification by the Busapest Assembly, it’s withdrawing its Olympics bid “to avoid “a loss of international prestige” as the bid had a very small chance of success”

    I don’t remember the anti-migrant referendum being abandoned for similar reasons, though.


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