March 6th, 2017

Independent: Hungarian border guards ‘taking selfies with beaten migrants’ as crackdown against refugees intensifies

“When they beat us, they were laughing with each other. The policemen, when they beat us, they are taking selfies with us.” 
This account given by Shahid Khan, a Pakistani asylum seeker, is among countless reports of abuse by police guarding Hungary’s heavily reinforced borders(…)

Humanitarian organisations say the treatment has become a feature of Hungary’s policy on refugees, with warnings from the United Nations falling on deaf ears in the country’s right-wing government.

Source: Hungarian border guards ‘taking selfies with beaten migrants’ as crackdown against refugees intensifies

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  • What ordinary citizens in Hungary should worry about, regardless if they applaud these Police Officers abuse or not, is that one day they will meet one of these brutalized Police Officers and will be treated accordingly.
    Brutality is nothing that is switched on and off, it is though easy to switch on, given the working-culture for these Officers, but very, very hard to get rid off.

    • wolfi

      And one should remember that the image of Hungarian police is already very low.

  • Illiberal Hungary

    Fake news! None of this is true, they are writing lies and propaganda against Hungary.

    • There are just too many reports about it, even if none ever been published in Fake Breitfart.

    • National Hiphop

      FAKE NEWS!!4 SO SAD!44!

      • Illiberal Hungary

        Oh no poor illegal migrant invader rapists !
        No brains libcsi oh no!

      • Pali

        No my friend, you are the one without brains, along with all your nasty brothers calling themselves Liberals.

        • National Hiphop

          You may want put on another record at last, me old mucker…

  • ferdinand petrov

    Sorry but the Hungarian worry about that they will be brutalized by those so called Immigrants. The Hungarian been abused by all their neighbouring countries. See what happened to Hungary, in Trianon. Hungary defended Europe, against the Muslim invaders, and for the 1,100-year of guarding Europe, the received as a payment, treatments of Trianon. Who has started the World War I. Murder-Serbia-Berlin-Bagdad Railroad system, to carry oil for European, Industries. Hungary opposed, the system. Used Hungary by Austria to bring Justice for murdering the young Royal visitors, to Sarajevo. So who was the Aggressor. See the history.

    • National Hiphop

      Looks like you’ve been reading an apologetic, self-victimizing version of Hungary’s history. Won’t get you anywhere.

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