March 9th, 2017

Bloomberg: EU Must Avoid ‘Suicidal’ Trade Strategy on Brexit, Hungary Says

The European Union must avoid the “suicidal strategy” of alienating Britain by ensuring that any trade barriers it imposes after Brexit still give the world’s fifth biggest economy better terms than it can get elsewhere around the globe, Hungary’s top diplomat said.

Source: EU Must Avoid ‘Suicidal’ Trade Strategy on Brexit, Hungary Says

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  • Given that the EU27 will still be the biggest economical area anybody can make an agreement with, Britain and Fidesz may be invited to find any other place…The EU27 should make agreements that are good for both the E27 and the World in general, not Britain (whatever will be left of it) and Fidesz.

    Being The Biggest gives you advantages, not disadvantages, as London and Fidesz are trying to tell EU27.

    • FUCeausescu

      Actually EU 28 is more like number 2 according to IMF 2016 stats. If we subtract UK and factor in China’s continued growth, by the time Brexit is finalized, EU 27 will be in a close contest for numbers 2, 3. So, in reality it will be world’s number 3 dealing with world’s number 5-7. And overall Orban is right. EU should be careful how it treats UK and vice versa. An ugly divorce is the worst possible outcome for the world’s economic sick man. I know that you and Guy are itching to punish UK for its vote to leave in order to make an example. But the damage will most likely be so severe that in fact more will line up to bail a sinking ship.

      • Ugly or not, if your wife wants to leave you – how do you keep her to stay, or even friendly, after she trashed your common history and tells you she wants new friends?

        Of course she still wants to have full access top your house, but you are not allowed to visit her new place, so how do you solve that?

        If you count the GDP for 2016:
        * China about 10.2 TEUR
        * EU28 about 16.5 TEUR
        * UK about 2.7 TEUR
        Gives GDP for EU27 2016 about 13.8 TEUR.

        You envisage a huge drop in the future GDP for EU27 and a very high increase for China in the near future.
        Normally you miss the target, so I am not afraid for this outcome, built on your speculations.

        • FUCeausescu

          If you ask most people who divorced and have children from the marriage and really love those children, they will prefer an amicable settlement for the sake of the children.

          As for GDP, you are neglecting to factor in currency fluctuations, and also the nominal growth rate, which differs greatly from the headline real growth rate. With low inflation and low growth, as well as a continuing of a suffering Euro, it is possible that by end of decade, China will surpass EU 27. If not by end of the decade, soon after that. Like I said, number 2 spot will be up for grabs between the two. But certainly not EU 27 being close to number 1 economy. Don’t know how you came to that conclusion.

          • You missed the small part that your wife really hates your children and never ever wants to see them…but still wants to pop-up with her children demanding you should pay for their food…

            You have up to 3 million EU-citizens in the UK and what should happen with them?
            And who should pay for the health-care for about 3 million, many retired, Brits living in EU27?
            Should they automatically get permanent residence status and access to the local healt-care?
            And what happens if they want to move from France to Germany 5 years later – Should they really have the same rights as other EU-citizens, while they are no longer?

            They are all the ex-partner’s children and you just hate them…

          • FUCeausescu

            Yes up to 3 million citizens on each side, not to mention trade worth $ hundreds of billions both ways and other common interests. Which is why the likes of your hero Guy are not the right people to be dealing with it. The pursuit of a mutually amicable settlement is the best course, just as Orban said. The alternative will be a mutually ruinous divorce, which neither side can afford, although my money is on UK being able to recover from it, not so much the already limping EU.

          • wolfi

            You really are a totally uninformed idiot, dear FUC* off!

            May and her minions want favours from the EU – because they promised the Brexiteers they would gain billions of Pounds from this – not a “mutually amicable settlement”.

            But the EU will not agree to this nonsense – and as the Tusk case shows Hungary “wird wieder den Schwanz einziehen” – it’s totally funny to see Fidesz squirming there …

          • So how would a “mutually amicable settlement” look like?
            How would it still be worse for the UK than full membership?
            Or the UK should have a better agreement outside the EU, than Hungary inside?

          • FUCeausescu

            Simple! UK citizens already in EU get to stay, EU citizens in UK get to stay. On trade, establish a free trade agreement. Not better than Hungary has inside. And it is amicable.

          • WoW!
            Your 2nd name is obviously ‘Guy’, then you are claiming exactly what the most Super-Liberal European that exists, are claiming…

            Next you will voice your support for Dutch Gay and Lesbians who support Wilders against all those anti-gay Muslims…

            Regarding these UK-citizens in the EU – should they have the same freedoms as today, which means they are free for ever to move around inside the EU27, or should they be confined to just the EU27-country they are in, when Brexit happens?
            This is important, then Residence belongs to National Sovereignty in the EU, so if the UK is out, it need to make 27 deals with the EU27.
            And what should happen to the future children of these up to 3 million UK-citizens in the EU – should they become citizens automatically in their new host-country or still just be UK-citizens?
            This would then need Constitutional changes in most, if not all, EU27-countries, then they have no such rights today, if none of the parents are a citizen in that country.

            The alternative is a new ‘EU-citizenship’, which would allow these people to move around freely and access rights and obligations as the local citizen.
            Would need a new Treaty, though…and the next step on the road to the EU – The Super State, that you love som much.

    • wolfi

      A bit OT but rather funny in a way:

      The Polish government wanted to get rid of Donald Tusk, but everybody else voted for him today – even Hungary!

      You shouldn’t try to” discuss” with our remaining lunatic FUC* – it’s no use …

      • Just shows PiS cannot trust Fidesz and that EPP will do everything to stop PiS. Tusk is a EPP-guy, so the alternative PiS plucked out of their hat, an EPP/MEP, was immediately thrown out of the EPP-group.

        The question is if EPP can force Fidesz to remove Poland’s voting rights, which EPP soon may support, especially if PiS make true of their threat to block the EU’s work.

        PiS does not seem to understand Whorban/Fidesz’ tactic:
        * Speak bad about EU domestically
        * Vote extremely loyal with EPP on non-Hungarian issues
        * Always make every change in laws, etc, what the EU Commission comes up with, but communicate it as a win for Fidesz

        PiS on the other hand are not in to the game for the money, they are political zealots, so they will drive straight into the wall, time and time again, while Fidesz count the money they are able to steal while the EU let them continue, with some mainly domestic communication to fool the people who gets their news from Fidesz (State) media.

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