March 10th, 2017

Eurostat: fertility rate up in Hungary since 2002, but still far from replacement level

Hungary’s fertility rate edged up by 0.14 to 1.45 in the fifteen years to 2015, but was still well under the level necessary to keep the population size constant in the absence of migration, a summary of data compiled by Eurostat shows. Nowhere in the EU does the fertility rate reach the 2.1 live births per woman considered to be the replacement level in developed countries, Eurostat noted. In a regional comparison, the fertility rate in Hungary exceeded that in Slovakia (1.40) and Poland (1.32), but was under 1.57 in the Czech Republic, where the rate jumped 0.42 over fifteen years.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Good Catholic Hungarians should start to spread their Holy Semen in the Matolcsy Fairytale way. Once his wife got too old, he found the young and fertile Zita in his office. Of course Mrs. Matolcsy was not happy at first to read in Blik about her husband f#cking a yoga bimbo, but now that she understands that extinction is at stake she found her big smile again.

  • wolfi

    However if you subtract from the births the number of Hungarians who leave the country for good (friends of ours just told us they now can stay in Switzerland and have their baby there after having worked there for some years – how wonderful for them!) the net efffect is rather devastating.

    • Damien Dae

      I know quite a few Hungarians here in Belgium who do not plan to return
      to HU; sure they will go to visit relatives or spend their holidays there but settling back, never.

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