March 10th, 2017

Gov’t office chief: Orbán “determined to defend” new asylum law

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “has made clear” that Hungary’s new law with stricter asylum rules “will be defended no matter what”, government office chief János Lázár said. Hungary’s parliament passed a package of amendments on Tuesday which stipulates, among others, that asylum seekers will be detained while they await a decision on their application for refugee status.

The government considers the law to be” in line with European Union law”, Lázár told a regular weekly press briefing. The government’s standpoint is that “security is more important” than guaranteeing the free movement of illegal migrants, he added. The relevant law fulfils the expectations of both Germany and Austria, which have “regularly complained” about being exposed to a “continued influx of hundreds and thousands” of migrants arriving through the Balkans, he said. Deadline for the construction of the second border fence is May 1, he said. Meanwhile, Lázár noted that Hungary had voted for the European Union’s blanket controls of the external border on the condition that it is suspended if “severe tailbacks form at the border”.

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