March 10th, 2017

LMP warns of possibility of farming monopolies for those close to gov’t

The green LMP party has raised concerns that planned government changes based on proposals made by the agricultural chamber could create farming monopolies by people close to the government. Under the proposal to integrate farming production, the government would appoint people to set up regional or national farming communities, LMP’s farming expert Szilvia Lengyel told a press conference.

While cooperation between the sector’s players is desirable, the proposed model could be a ploy to distribute money and favours, she said, adding that LMP would reject any initiative that further advances people already in preferment. The measures are likely to require a two-thirds majority of MPs to pass. Under the plan being drafted, any aspiring “integrator” must sign a strategic agreement with the government. This would be tantamount to a government appointment, Lengyel said, adding that some preferred individuals may have been selected already. She slammed a plan to fast-track development projects that exceed 1 billion forints run by the so-called integrators.

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  • Culturally Homogeneous Hungary

    Sounds good to me!

    • wolfi

      Yes, a return to the Kolchoses of Communist times – with just a small difference:
      All the money made goes to some Fidesz mafioso …
      That’s maybe even better than having a few of those tobacco shops!

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