March 11th, 2017

Rebuilding of Hungary’s Puskás Stadium to cost more than Chelsea FC’s new Ł500 million home

The new stadium building project of Chelsea FC, one of Europe’s leading football clubs, is expected to cost less than the rebuilding of the Puskás Stadium in Budapest, reports

The costs of rebuilding the Puskás Stadium – formerly known as Népstadion, i.e. the Stadium of the People – has currently run up to HUF 190 billion. The initial costs of HUF 90 billion were doubled at the end of February, after the withdrawal of Budapest’s bid to host 2024 Summer Olympics. The current costs are unprecedented in Europe, especially as the stadium will be built exclusively for football matches, as opposed to the original plans, according to which it was supposed to hold events of about 20 different sports.

By way of comparison, building the new stadium for Chelsea – a professional football club with a highly successful business model – costs “only” Ł500 million (HUF 179 billion). However, it is still a gigantic project, which had to be approved by London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Chelsea also agreed to invest Ł 12 million to community projects (such as employment and skills development programmes), as well as to give Ł 3.75 to an urbanistic project that aims to provide affordable housing.

No similar undertakings have been made by the government so far for the development of the area around Puskás Stadium. The new Puskás is going to be one of the venues of the 2020 European Football Championship held in different cities across Europe, provided the construction works will be finished by then.

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  • wolfi

    How much of that money will disappear into the pockets of some Fidesz mafiosi?

    The last sentence sounds a bit ominous:
    … provided the construction works will be finished by then.

    • StrandedofSopron

      Nah, it will be theoretically “finished” by then.
      But the next day the roof will blow off or the scoreboard will explode or the changing-rooms will subside into a toxic swamp… trust me, something will go wrong.

      Orban`s pack of hand-chosen brain-dead morons, despite the money they pay themselves, are incapable of organising anything beyond a picnic. Witness the never-ending saga of the clock at Széll Kálmán tér.

    • CG Walkman

      Easy peasy. It shouldn’t take more than a month to complete.

  • Culturally Homogeneous Hungary

    Maybe because of the better quality Hungarian materials ?

    • National Hiphop

      Glad you’ve found some sweet irony in yourself at last, Pöri 😀
      Nevertheless, costs suddenly doubled when Lőrinc Mészáros’s companies got involved. Nuff said.

  • 从百度进来的,拜读一下贵站博文先
    丁酉年(鸡)二月十五 2017-3-12

  • pantanifan

    Agree it seems extremely expensive and I don’t know how transparent the tendering process has been, but we’re not comparing like with like.
    If you compare it to the refurbishment of England’s national football stadium (Wembley), you’ll probably get a different result. The problem with the Puskás Stadium (and Wembley) is/was that they are old stadiums built in a different era when the requirements were not the same as today. Though you might expect costs in Budapest to be lower than in London.
    In addition, potential revenues are completely different. Chelsea can expect to get 60,000 fans every second week from September to May (not to mention sponsorship deals and sales of merchandise around the world). The national stadium is likely to be used for international matches 6 or 7 times a year, and the big crowds will only come if the team is doing well. What to do with the stadium for the rest of the time?
    Concerts and other entertainment events may be one possibility. I think Wembley occasionally hosts other sporting events (American Football, rugby league?) as well…

    • CG Walkman

      What to do with the stadium for the rest of the time?

      Give a lucrative maintenance contract and another contract to provide security to 2 “deserving” Fideszniks.

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