March 13th, 2017

Head of Parliament’s foreign affairs committee holds talks in Madrid

Hungary and Spain are both committed towards maintaining Europe’s unity and pursuing a coordinated policy towards the EU’s eastern and southern neighbours, a Hungarian lawmaker said after talks with senior Spanish officials in Madrid. Head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee Zsolt Németh met the head of the foreign affairs committee of the Spanish Congress, as well as the head and members of the same body of the Spanish Senate during his two-day visit. Németh told MTI that efforts by Spain to protect the EU’s external border in the south were “exemplary”, pointing out similar border protection efforts by Hungary.

Spain and Hungary also “share common ground concerning migration” which both countries “want to handle on a national level”, he said. Europe’s free trade agreements were also discussed, he said, adding that Spain had also welcomed the free trade agreement the EU had recently concluded with Canada. Németh said he had also met King Felipe VI of Spain who highlighted the success of the Hungarian exhibition he had opened together with Hungary’s president in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum last month.

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  • Hungary and Spain are both committed towards maintaining Europe’s unity

    Wonder if the Spaniards were thinking of Catalonia breaking out, like Scotland?
    Something Fidesz must be very supported of, it would be like Erdélyi would break out of Romania, etc…obviously something that must be stopped…

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