March 13th, 2017

Jobbik to press ahead with European wage levelling initiative

An international civil committee will be set up in Budapest on Tuesday to submit a proposal European Commission on bringing European wages into line, radical nationalist Jobbik party’s leader Gábor Vona, the concept’s main proponent, said. The move requires support from at least seven EU member states. Should the EC give the green light to the initiative, one million signatures will have to be collected within a year in support of the EU putting the issue of “equal pay for equal work” on its agenda, Vona told a press conference.

Jobbik has already found allies for its initiative in central and eastern Europe, Vona said, adding that lawmakers and union representatives from seven nations would attend a conference in Budapest on March 14. Participants will arrive from Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, he said. Vona called it a shame that none of Hungary’s prime ministers had ever promoted closing the wage gap in Europe. Economic policies have so far been built on cheap labour, Vona said, adding that what Jobbik calls for is “a new solidarity” instead.

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  • Culturally Homogeneous Hungary

    What more proof do you need that Jobbik is a puppet of Soros?

    • CG Walkman

      @Homo Hungary – Evidence of the cheque that Soros sent to Jobbik would be good.

      • Culturally Homogeneous Hungary

        Jobbik is a creation of George Soros and other dark forces to steal votes from Fidesz.

        • CG Walkman

          Zsolt from the pub said that Jobbik was created by Orban to test the waters on how far right he could go. Zsolt drinks whisky, so his info is probably more reliable.

          • pantanifan

            Zsolt gets his whisky paid for by Soros, didn’t you know? 🙂

          • Culturally Homogeneous Hungary

            Tell Zsolt to stop spreading this big lies!!!

          • CG Walkman

            A whisky drinker does not lie. This is an undisputed fact. Palinka drinkers, on the other hand, have been know to hallucinate long before the 50 litres is gone. Egész seggedre!

          • Pali

            You would know. Now come on, tell the truth.

      • Pali

        What do you want evidence of a cheque for? The evidence is plastered all over the media, even in America. Soros owns the world through his NGO’S and corrupt money.

        • CG Walkman

          The evidence is plastered all over the media, even in America.
          Unlike you, I ignore fake news.

          • Pali

            Oh, I read and listen to fake news, but it stays on the surface with me. However, when I talk of the media in this case, it is so true.

  • ViktorZorroban

    Hungarians should be paid at least the triple salary of a German, Dutch or Danish worker. Without Hungarians, Europe would be a third world continent. And the brave men working as safety guard in Spar, Auchan or Tesco should earn at least 50x as much, for putting their lives on the line for these bloody multinationals.

  • Pali

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. Wages have gone up over the past few years, and accordingly they will be rising substantially again over the next couple of years. Hungarians of all backgrounds, should look back prior to 2010, and see what the situation was then. Everything is improving in Hungary. It’s okay for Jobbik to look at wage increases at the rates they are talking about, but, where do they expect to get the money from. Perhaps they are loaded with the billions that Soros has pledged to them. Besides, all foreign enterprises should consider their work force in Hungary, and put the wages up accordingly. This is not a matter for the government. They set the minimum wage, the rest of wage increases are done by the individual enterprises. It’s for sure, Jobbik will get nowhere with their hypercritical attitude.

    • “Everything is improving in Hungary”

      Yes, you obviously do not live in Hungary, on an Hungarian income…

      • Pali

        I live respectavely well on a pension, thank you. But I have family and friends around me, which obviously helps with my information. I have seen a lot of improvement in Hungary over the past 8 years, and I think Orbán Viktor and his government have done very well for his people. The best leader I have ever known in my life. You would probably understand that after you have found and pulled your head from your rectum and got your brain working again.

        • ViktorZorroban

          Pali, you are absolutely right! Thanks to Orban, soon every village will have a football stadium. And hopefully a choo-choo train too! To hell with the miserable Jobbik communists who always complain about the lack of healthcare and education. That’s not what True Hungarians want! They want to see their Glorious Leaders prosperous with castles, luxury cars, helicopters, Louis Vuitton bags and billions on Swiss bank accounts.
          Orban is without a doubt the best leader we have ever known in our lives. Let’s hope that our Government will add 12 November as a National Holiday, as it was the date the Austrian shrinks released Orban from the loony bin.

        • “I live respectavely well on a pension, thank you”

          The question was “on an Hungarian income”.
          You are 70 years old, not an Hungarian by birth, so you have hardly an Hungarian pension…

          I plan to live very good here in Hungary on my foreign pension 5 years later, as I do today on my foreign salary…
          I cannot more than agree with you, that Whorban been The Very Best Hungarian Leader to increase my foreign income in Hungarian Forints, while deliberately letting the HUF slide and letting the Hungarian populace take the hardship from that.

          But has Whorban really been good for the Hungarians?
          For us foreigners, with foreign income – Clearly YES!

  • wolfi

    Why only Europe?
    Shouldn’t workers in Asia get paid the same money for their (often better …) work?
    But then how much would all that plastic cr*p in garish coulours that Tesco etc sell and that Hungarians are so fond of cost?

    And I also wonder what would happen with the Opel, Audi and Mercedes factories – it would be cheaper (just consider transport costs …) to relocate them back to Germany maybe …

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