March 13th, 2017

Reuters: Hungary to arm new ‘border hunters’ after six-month crash course

Sandor Jankovics is proud to be joining Hungary’s new “border hunter” force after a six-month crash course to help police and army units keep out migrants, part of a security clamp down that has raised human rights concerns.

Source: Hungary to arm new ‘border hunters’ after six-month crash course

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  • “Like police officers, border hunters will carry pistols with live ammunition, batons, pepper spray and handcuffs, and will also be equipped with night-vision goggles if needed”

    Definitely perfect quelling riots in Budapest in the future, then these 3.000 new Officers are Police Officers, who can beat up ‘normal Hungarians’ as ‘immigrants’, just lesser educated/trained and from an inferior selection criteria.

    “As extreme cold swept Europe at the start of 2017 and temperatures in Hungary plummeted to -20C, a new form of torment was reported.

    Refugees said border police would take their drinking water and pour it over them before abandoning them in the snow, sometimes taking coats, clothes and shoes.

    “They were dumping them at random points at the border in the middle of the night and exposing them to potential death by hypothermia,” Ms Gall said. “We had people showing up [in Serbia] completely naked.””

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