March 14th, 2017

Majtényi’s speech before presidential vote: aim is to restore Republic of Hungary

The Hungarian republic, in which constitutional rights are secured by independent institutions, should be restored so that the country should return to parliamentary democracy, László Majtényi, the presidential candidate of the opposition, told Parliament. In his speech before the vote on Hungary’s next president, Majtényi said he wanted a constitution sanctioned by a referendum, one that expresses the common values of rival groups of society and fosters peace. He called for a free and inclusive Hungary where solidarity has a much greater role than the state.

The former ombudsman for data protection called poverty appalling, and corruption “all-encompassing”. The only antidotes to the greed of the powerful, he said, are the independent institutions. Concerning migration, Majtényi said that “the only policy acceptable by moral and constitutionals terms is the one that grants as much dignity to those fleeing their homeland as ours, and meets the moral and legal requirements of humanity.” Majtényi said that one should never give in to depravity, corruption, intimidation and environmental destruction.

Majtényi said that one should never give in to depravity, corruption, intimidation and environmental destruction. Majtényi said that as president, he would make use of his right to submit bills directly to parliament, and would follow in the steps of former presidents Árpád Göncz and László Sólyom in representing authority and integrity. As president, he would first submit a bill regarding the freedom of the press, he said. In addition, he suggested new legislation regarding the Constitutional Court, social services, public and higher education and the fight against corruption.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Fight against corruption? Majtenyi clearly doesn’t understand Hungarian economy and should take some lessons from Matolcsy. In Hungary, corruption is vital to the nation’s economic prosperity and growth. Without a little money in their deep pockets, our Glorious Leaders could not buy condo’s every year, pay for helicopter flights or even a Louis Vuitton bag.

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