March 14th, 2017

Parliament re-elects Áder as president after second round of vote

Parliament re-elected János Áder for another five-year term as president of Hungary. Fully 170 deputies cast their votes in the secret ballot, and all votes were valid. Áder, the candidate of Fidesz-KDNP, garnered 131 votes, while former data ombudsman László Majtényi, supported by the opposition parties save for Jobbik, had 39 votes. Áder was elected in a second round with a simple majority of votes, after the first round had been rendered inconclusive by neither candidate receiving support by two-thirds of all deputies in the 199-strong national assembly. After the vote, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated the re-elected president, who will begin his second term on May 10.

Áder was first elected president on May 2, 2012. He earlier served as house speaker and as MEP of the Fidesz party. Áder is the fifth head of state since Hungary’s transition to democracy in 1989-90. Under Hungary’s constitution, the president “embodies national unity, safeguards the democratic operation of the state structure” and serves as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Hungary. The president can serve a maximum of two terms.

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  • Yes, the maximum expected victory for the Democratic Opposition was to force a 2nd, single-majority, vote.
    It does not change anything in reality, except that morally strengthens the Democratic Opposition and weakens the Office of the Hungarian Presidency.
    Soft victories, but still a victory.

    • wolfi

      pecunia non olet.

      only that is important!

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