March 14th, 2017

Refugees start hunger strike in reception centre near Békéscsaba

Several of the hundred or so refugees living in a closed reception centre in Békéscsaba, in south-east Hungary have gone on a hunger strike, public news channel M1 reported. The migrants have announced their action online and also circulated a statement to the press saying that they are suffering from physical and psychological illness and that many of them are considering committing a suicide.

The refugees said they wished to call the attention of the international media to their situation so that they are released from the facility as soon as possible. They said they protested against being kept in custody despite the fact that they have been fleeing war and murder. The migrants also protested against having been left in the dark for the past six months over their future. They accused the Hungarian government of trampling on human rights and waging a psychological warfare against asylum-seekers.

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  • Pali

    Just who the hell do these migrants think they are??? They come into a country uninvited, without papers, passports and visas, and they expect the Europeans to bow down to them. These migrants are a mixture of Illegal migrants (looking for a cheep life sponging off the country they hope to live in), Legal refugees, and Terrorists. No one in the European countries want them, and they have not been invited. About 5% are fleeing war and murder, these are the Refugees, and most of them are from Siria. The rest them, the Illegal ones are mainly from a total of 104 other countries who have never seen war. Now we look at the suicide angle, I remember Gyurcsány talking about himself going on a starvation diet some time ago, he stopped it. I wonder why!!!! Last year, numerous migrants went on a suicide diet, they stopped it. I wonder why!!!! Oh! And did you see the gallons of bottled water around them. It’s a farce, trying to attract attention. They must think we are really stupid. They are now pulling in the media to try and get release. They should have thought about all this before they set off from their own lands. Thats a good one too, “left in the dark over their future”. They should have thought about that too, before breaking into the bounderies of countries where they don’t belong. If you and I wanted to travel to a none EU country, we would need a visa and a passport first, thats what makes it legal.

    • “About 5% are fleeing war and murder, these are the Refugees, and most of them are from Siria”

      Care to share the stats you have as proof for making that claim – or you just pulled it out from your ass, being the closest part to your ‘brain’?

      While looking for your “brain” you may contemplate what this ruling makes for Fidesz/Hungary and its Constitution:

      • Pali

        You seem to know everything, pull the stats from your own historic files. You will find, that what I say is true. All this lying information about the migrants, is coming from NGO’s, namely the foundations of Soros, the hypocrite, Soros the atheist. It is also coming from the lying media and lying reports from human rights organisations mostly funded by Soros again. The Human courts of human rights don’t stick to the rules or beliefs. This migrant case is a complete sham, and people are begining to realise the truth of it. I have nothing against migrants coming into the countries, but, as individual migrants and not an army, like ants. This, without a doubt spells trouble trouble trouble. They are literally like a swarm of worker ants taking over a territory. It is frightening. You are obviously in favour of it all, because you are part of it. Accordingly, the Fidesz government are legally well within the international laws, and are well within the rights of the EU regulations for what they are doing. Lets face it, would you like illegal migrants to break through your front gate, break into your house, beat your kids, and rape your wife, then kill you because you are in their way???????!!!!!!! No, I didn’t think so. I think you should be digging up your own rectum to see if your brain still exists.

  • Culturally Homogeneous Hungary

    All the migrants are terrorists !

    • Pali

      In the long term, I quite agree with you.

      • Vidra

        People who have been granted the right to stay are less likely to commit crimes than natives of that country.If their kids are brought up in poor housing, far from city centres, with poor schools and few work opportunities and a backdrop of racism to contend with (in Fance, for example) then criminality or radicalisation are serious possibilities. And considering the mentality of Orbán and other little men, like you, I sadly agree with Onespeak Hungary as well.

        • Pali

          What the hell is wrong with you people?????? “People who have been granted the right to stay???” But this is just what Orbán Viktor is doing. What he, and a vast majority of the Hungarian people don’t want, are migrants running around the country causing damage and harm to the popular. What you don’t understand is, there are four types of migrant,- “The Illegal Migrants”, the ones who barge their way into European countries demanding everything they want, including free handouts and accomodation. These are not interested in work, just an easy life at the European countries expence. / The “Legal Migrants”, the ones who would like to move to another country, live by their laws, in the case of younger ones-take up work and willingly infiltrate into society. These would be the documented ones with visa and passport, also members of European countries who are members of the EU. / “The Refugees”, the ones who are literally fleeing from war zones, frightened of death, murder and rape. These are the ones who do not demand, but accept what they are given. These are the ones who are looking for help. / “The Terrorists”, the ones who latch themslves onto the Illegal Migrants and the Refugees, in order to infiltrate the countries of Europe and the USA, acting as though they are migrants. These are danger for now, The Illegal Migrants are those looking for an easy life until the time comes to smash the European countries apart, taking over religions, cities and land masses, using Sharia Law and distruction and terror.
          In order to try and stop this blood bath from happening, a fence was built to subdue the flow of migrants. Now, new laws are coming into place to subdue the masses even more, before it begins again, by holding everyone beyond the border until they have been properly vetted. The Hungarian government have said they will accept true Refugees, and they already have accepted a few hundred, the illegals and the terrorists they send back beyond the border. The migration problem was seen two years ago, by Obán Viktor, and he at that time told the country and the EU what would happen. Merkel got greedy for migrants in Germany and welcomed them with open arms. I need say no more about what happened in Germany and how her, Merkel’s, attitude changed after things started to go wrong. In my view, and the view of many more Hungarians, Orbán Viktor is, and has been doing the right thing. This country should be proud to have a Prime Minister that looks after his country and it’s people. Could you imagine if the Socialists were in power, the country would be flooded by potential terrorists and spongers, and would certainly put the country back into a near bankrupsy state.
          Think on you people!!!!!!!!

          • National Hiphop

            Pali, my old farth, incompassionate, anti-humanitarian geezer “friend”, do not despair, because Hungary truly, madly, deeply is of your kind. Unfortunately.

          • Vidra

            Your language gives the game away: “subdue the masses”. Compared to other EU countries, Hungary lets a trickle of migrants through and accepts even fewer as bona fide refugees.

            If a woman ever consents to breed with you, you’ll probably get your children vaccinated There are conspiracy theorists and flat-earthers who say it’s dangerous and unneccessary but outbreaks are few and far between – the current panic in Romania over German Measles shows what happens when kids aren’t routinely done. Allowing migrants into the country helps to vaccinate against racism and bigotry, providing it’s well managed. Racists tend to come from communities with the leasr exposure to other races; if everyone in Hungary could see a few non-white faces in their community – speaking Hungarian, working in offices or wherever, sending their kids to the local school and shopping at CBA or Tesco – racism would cease in a generation.

            And people like you and Orbán would just be another sad footnote in Hungary’s otherwise rich and inspiring history.

          • Pali

            Compared to other EU countries, Hungary lets in a trickle of migrants through and accepts even fewer as bona fide refugees. Compared with 2015, your right, Hungary does only let in a trickle. That was the idea of the fence. 2015, brought thousands into Hungary, to the sum of around 400000. What a diference. The fence worked well. It so happens that Romania doesn’t have enough vaccines to go round. The country is not wealthy. Lets get one thing clear, I’m not a racist. I came from a country that has many migrants of all sorts, and I lived with them, and I am familiar with their attitudes and their ways. Hungary is not a racist nation, they just don’t want to be told who they can live with or who they can’t. If you read my previous write properly, you will probably understand what I am saying about migrants. In the first place about two years ago, the real refugees started coming over from Siria, then others joined in, the ones we call illegals. You really want to stop being so compasionate towards migrants and face the realities of what is going on around you.

          • Vidra

            With all due respect, I really don’t want to stop being so compassionate to anyone who deserves it, and that means looking at every case on its merits, not whether or not they have brought their passport with them, requested asylum in Serbia, patiently queued at the crossing point for days on end or any of the other arbitrary rules Orbán’s government applies to refuse admittance to the vast majority of migrants.

            Somebody once said “you can tell a man’s character by how they treat the people who don’t matter”.

    • Polle

      That statement is correct in the same way as the statement by many in the West, that all East Europeans are criminals and beggars.

    • wolfi

      Yes, send back all those bloody Hungarians that migrated over the last sixty years to Western Europe and the USA, Australia etc!
      They are all terrorists – don’t you think so, little fascist idiot?

      • Culturally Homogeneous Hungary

        Do you think I care what you do with disloyal communists liberals homosexuals gypsies ?? Anti Orbán “Hungarians” are worse than migrant terrorists! Just keep them out of Hungary!
        Hajrá Magyarok!
        Hajrá Fidesz!
        Hajrá Orbán!

        • Polle

          You should do much more to keep the Hungarians in Hungary, maybe build a wall all around the country. I think Hungarys neighbors are willing to share the bill.
          East European economic migrants are not very welcome in the West.

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