March 16th, 2017

Átlátszó.hu: Premier Orbán and Interior Minister Pintér accused of taking mob payouts in the 1990s

Russian media has recently released reports that Hungary’s reigning Prime Minister Viktor Orban accepted bribes from the Russian mob back in the 1990s, as did his current police minister Sandor Pinter. The allegations are not new, but the story may be tied to Orban’s recently-found friendly relations with Vladimir Putin’s government. If the accounts of the story are to be believed, not only did Orban accept money, there is evidence of it, leaving him exposed to blackmail.

A story that dates back more than 20 years has resurfaced and is creating grounds for speculation.

Source: Premier Orbán and Interior Minister Pintér accused of taking mob payouts in the 1990s

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  • When Whorban selected Pinter for his first Government in 1998, it made people surprised, then why on earth would such a high Communist Police Officer get such a high position in a post-Communist Government?
    Many thought Pinter had damaging info on several politicians…

    On the other hand Pinter was not the only old Communist Operative in Whorban’s Government and Ministries. Whorban has always hired the most ex-Communist Ministers and Officials of any post-Communist Government. He likes them for some reason.

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