March 16th, 2017

Reuters: Hungary’s Orban makes rallying call to European nationalists

Hungary’s right-wing populist prime minister Viktor Orban called on European nationalist leaders on Wednesday to revolt against an “unholy alliance of Brussels bureaucrats, the liberal world media and insatiable international capitalists”.(…)

Orban, whose Fidesz party faces elections in 2018 after two consecutive terms in office, called on nationalist leaders to bring about a “deep but peaceful” transformation of Europe.

Source: Hungary’s Orban makes rallying call to European nationalists

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  • Yes, first battle lost the same day…

    • wolfi

      Good news – there just is the “Bodensatz”, i e th typical percentage 10% – 15% od quasi fascists and frustrated right wingers who voted for PVV – same in Germany with AfD and NPD.

      • About the same we find those who vote for “Jobbik” in Hungary and SD in Sweden. Occassionally they may attract more voters but not for any longer time, then the worst thing that may happen to these fringe-parties is that they actually get into power.

        When it comes to Wilders it was shown that he had a big army of Russian-friendly Twitter-bots, that obviously did not vote…
        That is one way how Kremlin tries to influence the elections/referendums in the EU.

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