March 20th, 2017

LMP advocates comprehensive approach to tackling labour shortage

Wage rises, a progressive taxation system and payroll tax cuts are the primary solutions to Hungary’s labour shortage problem, Erzsébet Schmuck, deputy group leader of the green LMP party, said. These measures should be coupled with ensuring cheap housing and better vocational education, Schmuck said. LMP disapproves of ruling Fidesz’s decision to recruit workers for minimum wage jobs from Ukraine, Schmuck said. The government advertises working in Hungary in Ukraine with an 82 million forint (EUR 265,680) programme, she noted.

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  • ruling Fidesz’s decision to recruit workers for minimum wage jobs from Ukraine

    Fdesz has since coming into power in 2010 made everything to make people move from the pre-Trianon Hungarian areas to Hungary proper, fast-tracked citizenship, promised employment, etc.

    Problem is of course many of these ethnic Hungarians (and in Ukraine many non-ethnic Hungarians got the fast-tracked citizenship also) never stopped in Hungary, they just continued their Westward journey to West-Europe…leaving the old folks back at home, making it more likely that the Hungarian communities will disappear in a generation or two.

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