March 21st, 2017

Quotable: Együtt party leader Péter Juhász on the sparkle that may blow away the Orbán-system

“Politics is irrational. A sparks may come at any time which breeds such dissatisfaction that will blow this system away.”

Péter Juhász, leader of the opposition Együtt party on that Viktor Orbán’s system is more likely to be put down by popular unrest than as a result of an election. []
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  • If we look at Hungary 2006 and Romania the last months, not so many signs to support that…

    • Damien Dae

      Unless someone manipulates the crowds, non one in Hungary will move.

      • Culturally Homogeneous Hungary

        George Soros has tried to manipulate the crows many times, never succeeded.

        • wolfi


          George Soros, the billionaire activist who funds all of the liberal trolls on social media and pays for the anti-Trump demonstrations that turn into riots, has been killed in a small engine plane crash while visiting his home country of Hungaria. His plane went down somewhere in the Alps and hasn’t been recovered, but satellite images confirm that there’s nothing left but rubble.

          I almost feel sorry for you – this is just a hoax, already debunked by – the best of the debunking sites!

          • Culturally Homogeneous Hungary

            Did it debunk the hoax of alleged Hungarian involvement in the Holocaust?

  • pantanifan

    Maybe if the Opposition was capable of behaving like a potential government, we wouldn’t have to wait for sparks or sparkle or gold dust…

  • Culturally Homogeneous Hungary

    What about a spark that will blow away Juhász from politics ???

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