April 3rd, 2017

Fidesz calls on gov’t not pay legal fees due for NGO on European Human Rights Court ruling

The governing Fidesz party has called on its own government to refuse to pay the Hungarian Helsinki Committee NGO compensation that the Strasbourg court ordered in connection with the case of two Bangladeshi asylum seekers who were detained and deported in 2015. Fidesz spokesman János Halász noted the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ordered Hungary to pay the NGO, which represented the two asylum seekers, 2.7 million forints (EUR 8,700) in legal fees for wrongly detaining and deporting them in 2015. It ruled that a further 6 million forints should be paid to the two asylum seekers. Halász said “nobody knew their whereabouts.

“The government should appeal the decision” , the spokesman of the party’s parliamentary group said at a press conference said. “It should be Soros who pays; he has enough money,” Halász said. He insisted that the Hungarian taxpayer should not have “to support the migrant business”, and if Hungary faces “this kind of an attack” in every such case, Hungarians could end up paying tens of billions of forints. There are about 15,000 similar cases, he said, noting that Hungarian authorities have rejected the unjustified asylum application of around 10,000 people and they have detained more than 5,000 illegal migrants.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    János Halász is the bravest Fidesz warrior, after Orban and Meszaros of course.

  • So, an official Fidesz representative is advocating do defy a legal verdict, that was made according to the Fidesz Constitution….when will Fidesz change the Constitution to deny the Supremacy of the European Courts over Hungarian politicians?

  • Marta Burka

    The tax payers of Hungary should not pay for lawyer fees of illegals. These people were not invited. I am sure they could have left any time. It is funny, some attorneys use every means to fleece the public for the almighty dollar.

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