April 11th, 2017

EUobserver: EU commissioner tells Hungarians to resist Orban

The Hungarian government’s efforts to shut down a university in Budapest drew a sharp rebuke from the EU’s commissioner for justice.

European justice commissioner Vera Jourova on Monday (10 April) called on civil society to stand up to prime minister Viktor Orban’s right-wing government and his broader efforts to create an illiberal democracy.

“I think it is good that people are visible and vocal about what is happening at the Central European University,” she told reporters in Brussels.

Source: EU commissioner tells Hungarians to resist Orban

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  • aahh, we are already missing the Kremlin talking points of “colour revolutions” and “Soros interference”…

  • Pali

    Why do people not understand and wait for the truth before they start to criticize. If everyone in Europe and the USA had waited just a little longer, they would discover that what they have been listening to was false news. The Hungarian government has now put the new legislation on the CEU to the public in it’s truth. With the 2018 elections coming up, the Lefties are really going to town to pull the Fidesz government down. They are wicked and without justice.

    • Hungarian

      “wicked and without justice” Pali is a real comedian.

      To conform to the law CEU must do two things that are not possible.

      1) Open up a campus in the US within six months. Logistically impossible.

      2) Have the US negotiate with the Hungarian government regarding CEU. This is not something he US federal government does – ever.

      As a matter of a fact the US State Dept. representative who was sent to Hungary just said as much. That the Hungarian government must negotiate with the CEU directly. The US Federal government does not involve itself in the operations of Universities outside its borders. He also said that it was clear to the Hungarian government what was at stake with their relationship with the US.

      Orban had hoped to use this to project an image of himself as a great leader negotiating with the US. Didn’t work that way.

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