April 11th, 2017

Liberal Party proposes declaration by Parliament to ensure lasting EU membership

The Liberal Party has proposed that parliament should adopt a statement to ensure that Hungary stays a member of the European Union. At a press conference, Liberal leader Gábor Fodor argued that the government is taking the country further and further away from the EU. He noted the recent amendment was designed as an attack against the Central European University, adding that the government seemed to have opted to promote “Putin’s interests” rather than those of Europe. Concerning a draft on civil organisations now before parliament, Fodor stated that the proposed legislation could be used to harass and stigmatise civil groups.

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  • monica shannon

    VO must stick to his guns and keep Soros out.

    • Polle

      If he could just keep the Hungarians in Hungary or at least in Eastern Europe.

      • wolfi

        Don’t try to reason with this new wave of crazies – they are even worse than FUC*, leto and its groupies! Just an example:

        I also know it was a female serpent goddess which did the original plan for EA-rth, she is the Orion queen, it was her design which became corrupted by her son Lucifer, the god of the bible …
        (from her (?) disqus profile)

    • Letusleaveatonce

      Exactly correct

      • Polle

        Leave EU ASAP so we don’t have to pay more aid to your failing country.

        • Letusleaveatonce

          Excellent plan, but, just so you know Great Britain is a net contributor to the failed Eu, GB is the 5th largest economy in the world with the fastest growth rate currently post brexit.
          The vile Eu is finished and soon will die, this is certain.

    • Havelaar

      Well right now the EU is sticking to their guns and kick Orban Hungary out of the EU.

      • monica shannon

        It will not happen, the EU pride themselves on “unity” [what a laugh that is] so, at least whilst BREXIT is happening, the EU will bend over backwards to keep Orban on side, and he knows it.

  • pantanifan

    I don’t think such a statement would be binding on future parliaments? Fidesz are still ramping up the anti-EU rhetoric and would probably only try and leave the EU if they win the 2018 elections (with a large majority) and the EU funding tap is turned off. At the moment it’s not clear what the EU will look like after 2018 (Brexit, elections in France, Germany in 2017), presumably there will be a new strategic approach at some stage…

    If Hungary does leave the EU, would they also consider leaving NATO, which seems to be more anti-Russian than the Hungarian government?

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