April 11th, 2017

Orbán to appoint minister to oversee expansion of Paks atomic plant

A minister without portfolio will be appointed in the next few days to oversee and manage the upgrade of Hungary’s sole nuclear power plant at Paks, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced in Parliament. Orbán made his announcement in response to a remark by Bernadett Szél, co-leader of green LMP, who had called into question the government’s rejection of a referendum concerning the Paks upgrade.

Szél stated that the government had no authorisation to embark on such a project. Orbán claimed the governing parties’ “cards are on the table”, arguing that his administration had signed the framework agreement for the project before the last elections in 2014, “so that nobody can say that they are unfamiliar with the energy policy” of the government before re-electing it. Orbán insisted that his Fidesz party supports both nuclear and renewable energies but it appears the former would be the cheapest “for a good while”.

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  • A minister without portfolio

    So there will be an electronic trail of the money then, or this Government is still into ‘Nokia-boxes’?

  • his Fidesz party supports both nuclear and renewable energies but it appears the former would be the cheapest “for a good while”

    “his Fidesz party”
    Yes, it is “his Fidesz party”…

    In the outside world renewable energies are becoming more and more cheaper and solar energy is already seen as the cheapest form of creating electric energy.
    In Hungary this is of course not true for two reasons:
    a) Extra tax on solar energy panels – to make energy from them more expensive

    b) Projected electricity price from PAKS2 is an Hungarian State Secret, so it may not be challenged, but it is also true that the allowance from the EU clearly states that NO State Aid is allowed to artificially keep the price down. At that time when PAKS2 actually starts to deliver electrical energy Fidesz will probably be out of power, so new politicians will have to handle the extremely high costs of producing electrical energy, an extremely centralized national power grid and a very high national debt, due to the 10 BEUR loan from Kremlin, which will cost Hungarian Tax payers at least 18 BEUR to pay back.

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