April 12th, 2017

Dialogue for Hungary and LMP turn to top court to nullify Lex CEU

The Dialogue for Hungary party will ask the Constitutional Court to nullify the amended law on higher education which regulates the operations of foreign universities in Hungary, co-leader Tímea Szabó said. Dialogue will seek to collect signatures from at least 50 lawmakers required for the submission, she said. By signing the law on Monday, President János Áder “has lost the mark of president of the republic”, and demonstrated that he is unable to safeguard the rule of law, Szabó said, adding that Lex CEU violates Hungary’s basic law on a number of counts. For instance, it undermines legal certainty and violates the ban on discrimination, she said.

Áder insisted on Monday that prior to signing the amendment he had determined that it was” not in violation of the right to the freedom of education or the passage in the constitution granting autonomy to higher education institution”s. He claimed the bill was “not in violation of international treaties or European Union directives”, either.

LMP earlier announced that it too will turn to the top court. Dialogue for Hungary’s action is separate from LMP’s, though Szabó expressed hope that the two parties would be able to coordinate their efforts on the matter.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    True Hungarians: be aware: first they’ll try to nullify Lex CEU, then the Holy Constitution, then they’ll try to get our Glorious Leaders out of power and before you know our beloved semi-god Orban will end up like Ceausescu: dead, and spit on.

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