April 12th, 2017

“You work. They steal.” Jobbik starts large-scale campaign on billboards of former pro-Fidesz tycoon Simicska

Jobbik has started a large-scale billboard campaign highlighting alleged corruption involving Hungary’s current government. The billboards are provided by the advertising companies of one-time Fidesz insider business tycoon Lajos Simicska, who now supports Jobbik over Fidesz in next year’s elections, reports 444.hu.

Jobbik states in their campaign that the “stealing” and “corruption” of Fidesz and the government takes away money that would be necessary to improve Hungary’s education and health care. One of their posters depicts prime minister Orbán paired with his hometown Felcsút’s billionaire mayor Lőrinc Mészáros, who is widely considered as his strawman in business affairs. On the other variant there are Árpád Habony, Orbán’s special adviser and propaganda minister Antal Rogán, both known for their involvement in shady deals, such as the recently abolished residency bonds scheme.

Jobbik spokesman Péter Jakab said at the launch of the campaign that HUF 400 billion is lost to official corruption every year in Hungary. Therefore if Jobbik comes to power in 2018, they will initiate and accept an anti-corruption law package and introduce a special tax on the present beneficiaries of graft.

Even though Jobbik refused to provide any details, it is assumed that the party made a deal with the advertising companies of business tycoon Lajos Simicska to use their billboards and city posters for the campaign. Simicska was once a close ally of Viktor Orbán and the financial director of Fidesz, but he very spectacularly fell out with the prime minister in early 2015.

Simicska recently told news site 24.hu that his friendship and alliance with Orbán ended after the 2014 elections, when they prime minister told him that he wanted to buy commercial TV channel RTL Klub with backing from Russian atomic power firm Rosatom and close it down. Simicska also said recently that “This is a stinking bunch of criminals, which needs to beat it”, referring to his former party.

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  • Simicska also said recently that “This is a stinking bunch of criminals, which needs to beat it”, referring to his former party.

    Hear!, Hear!

  • 很荣幸来访您的博客,留言只是证明我来过!

  • ViktorZorroban

    People sometimes forget that our Glorious Leaders’ motto is: “If you don’t get caught, you deserve everything you steal.”

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