April 13th, 2017

Index.hu: CEU embodies everything Orbán is against

The real question here is why Viktor Orbán decided to attack the university right now. We sat down to talk about this with sociologist István Hegedűs, Orbán’s former man-at-arms.

“The fight against real or imagined adversaries always played a very important role in Viktor Orbán’s mind. Similarly, a negative identity also plays a significant role in Fidesz’s own self-image. Orbán keeps track of who his enemies are, who has done him harm, and who he hates, just as he keeps track of those who – in his mind – have tried to destroy him. This group changes and expands, but Orbán will always treat the leftist European elite, the liberal intellectuals, and media as his own enemies. This worldview has been with him since 1993, which is when he believes everyone turned against him.”

Source: CEU embodies everything Orbán is against

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  • National Hiphop

    “Psychologically, he always explained failures and defeats from this
    perspective. Pushing personal responsibility onto others: scapegoating,
    looking for enemies, and conspiracy theories. In the 1990s, Viktor Orbán
    and László Kövér would feed off each other in this respect and many in
    the party followed their ideological shift.”
    There you go. Two sick bastards followed by cynical opportunists like Lázár, lunatics like Matolcsy, thieves like Rogán, rednecks like Szilárd Németh…
    It’s high time to kick all those arses!

  • “The fight against real or imagined adversaries always played a very important role in Viktor Orbán’s mind”

    Normally you give this type of people prescriptions, not the keys to the Kingdom…

    • wolfi

      Really harsh – what reaction can one expect from Fidesz and the Great Leader?

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