April 14th, 2017

Over 10,000 Hungarians studying abroad

More than 10,000 young Hungarians pursue their studies abroad, mostly at universities in western Europe and the United States, daily Magyar Nemzet said, citing a survey. Austria and Germany are the two most popular countries with about 2,000 Hungarian students each, the survey conducted by the Engame Academy student centre said.

The third most popular destination is the United Kingdom, followed by Denmark and the United States. More than 40% of students choose a western university to obtain a marketable degree and more than 30% said they were dissatisfied with the level of education in Hungary. Almost 40% of those Hungarians finance their studies with a student loan, 33% with family support and about 30% from a grant, the paper said.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    As a True Hungarian, you need nothing more than a vocational training. To repeat the wise words of our Glorious Leader: “Knowledge is a burden, Arbeit macht frei!”

    • wolfi

      Unless you are a child of the Fidesz kakistocracy like the daughters of Ader, Orban etc whose tuition of several thousand € per month is paid by ???

    • National Hiphop

      The problem is, even vocational training is mostly shite. So True Hungarians are left with their spades and hoes to toil away for their God-appointed masters for life.

  • Damien Dae

    I cannot help but wonder how many will eventually stay in Hungary in the long term?

    • wolfi

      We’ll see – said the blind man …
      I wrote this already on HS but think it’s important enough to appear here, even though it’s rather OT but interesting:

      The World Economic Forum has published a new analysis on the
      competitiveness of tourism and travel (more than 200 pages!) and of
      course there’s a ranking.

      Hungary fell back 8 places to no 49 (behind Slovenia and Croatia but in
      front of Slovakia). Like last time Spain, France and Germany are the
      first on that list – world wide!


      A lot of details on the risks and possibilities of this
      important part of the economy – where Hungary again is falling back!
      Just think about the difficulties of finding qualified people – everbody
      tries to get away to the DACH countries etc – not only students.

      This summer will be “interesting” at the Balaton, we’ll see how restaurants, hotels etc cope with this.

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