April 14th, 2017

EUobserver: Central Europe’s decline into authoritarianism

It is time to accept that recent developments in Hungary and Poland, along with alarming reports on democratic standards in the region, are not just temporary turbulence, but a new type of political regime in the making.(…)

Moreover, it is not only an isolated case, but already more of a regional trend.

The alarming Nations in Transit 2017 report by Freedom House accounted for more countries in democratic decline rather than improving. As many as 18 of the 27 Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries fell in the ranking.

Source: Central Europe’s decline into authoritarianism

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  • The Big Fight this Spring is to get EPP/EPP-Group in the European Parliament to exclude/cleanse Fidesz from their ranks.
    When that happens Fidesz will probably be accepted by the same Parliamentary group that today hosts the UK Tories and the Polish PiS, bit toxic in Brussels and is questionable if that group will survive next EP-elections in 2019, after Tories left the EU.

    • wolfi

      The UN Special Rapporteur on the freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye has also criticised the anti-CEU-law:
      The new law targets freedom of opinion and expression in Hungary,
      freedom of academic pursuit, the role that scholarship and research
      play in the expansion of knowledge and the development of democratic


      Geographically Poland and Hungary might be considered part of Central Europe – but the mindset ist still a mixture of old Communism and Medieval Katocracy Horthy style – in short:
      Balkan …

      • David Stephenson

        Poland is getting rid of Communist relicts like its old ambassador to the US Ryszard Sznepf – son of the Soviet KGB colonel in charge of political repression at Warsaw University. The Communist old guard are tenaciously hanging on – and relying on foreign support like they always used to. Meanwhile, the rich boy Liberals are in despair as the economically left-wing, trade union supported government introduces social welfare programs that have slashed child poverty. Liberal Democracy is about virtue signalling not saving lives and enabling millions to live in dignity.

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