April 14th, 2017

Márton Gulyás, Gergő Varga sentenced to public work for throwing paint at presidential palace – The Budapest Beacon

“I agree with the prosecutors that it is already a bad situation when citizens are forced to, say, throw bottles of paint as a way of expressing their political opinion. . . . But will convicting me along with Gergő Varga resolve the current situation or create a more democratic, dialogue-based order? Or will that require that prosecutors finally do their job and go after the real crimes which today limit the ability of much of the citizenry to exercise their basic rights?”

Source: Márton Gulyás, Gergő Varga sentenced to public work for throwing paint at presidential palace – The Budapest Beacon

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  • Some of us are old enough to remember the punishment (not) that Peter Daniel, a lawyer, got after pouring red paint on a memorial of Miklos Horthy, regent of Hungary between the two world wars. Peter Daniel posted photos on Facebook showing the painted memorial with a sign hanging round its neck with the words “Mass murderer, war criminal”. Daniel announced in advance that he was planning to pour paint on the statue.

    The first court considered Peter’s act a valid form of protest, especially as he promised to pay for the renovation.
    These two guys used water-colour, easily washable, so there is hardly any costs for cleaning up after them.

    We may expect eggs and water-colour to be more common after this verdict, just to mock this type of verdict, which is more a knee-jerk reaction from pro-Fidesz judges.

    On the other hand Peter Daniel was also sentenced to pay 407 Forint after putting ketchup on the Fidesz’ Constitution….
    Wonder how many hours of community work ketchup will cost in Whorbanistan?

  • National Hiphop

    Expect more orange paint on your buildings, moscowite traitors!

  • Pali

    So certain people believe it is right to deface public property. What a crazy world we live in.

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