April 18th, 2017

Movement for fair elections launched at Saturday’s anti-government protest

Civil activist Márton Gulyás initiated an electoral movement in a Budapest demonstration on Saturday, demanding the introduction of an electoral system based on proportional representation by the end of 2017 at the latest. Gulyás said that Hungary needed a parliament which truly reflects the social forces of the country.As long as the electoral system and the current power-holders remain in place, parliament “will be excellent as a theatre but horrible as an institution of popular representation,” he said.

The demonstration was organised by a Facebook group against government policies. The protesters calling themselves “We won’t remain silent” gathered in Szabadság Square in the central fifth district. The square was full and the crowd was dotted with both Hungarian and European Union flags.

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  • Illiberal Revolution

    Let’s introduce proportional representation so Fidesz can once again get 2/3 of the seats!

    • Polle

      Orban will never support proportional representation.

      • Illiberal Revolution

        Fidesz has more support than all the other parties combined.

        • Polle

          Then why don’t they want a fair electoral system with proportional representation, which you say you support?

          • ViktorZorroban

            Because Hungarians have to learn from early age that life isn’t fair. If life would be fair, God would have given our Beloved Leader the brains of Gyurcsany and the looks of Bajnai. But see, in Hungary even a half-witted dwarf can be worshiped by millions.

          • Illiberal Revolution

            Who says they don’t ? Most countries in the EU don’t have a proportional system. If he had it, there would be no opposition left.

          • Polle

            You are wrong again. Most EU-countries have proportional representation.

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