April 18th, 2017

Orbán claims migration is in focus of every conflict

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has claimed that migration stands in the focal point of current conflicts, adding that if the security of Hungarian people is at stake, there is no room for compromise. “What is going on in Hungary is a dress rehearsal for next year’s election campaign. This is what stirred up still water and filled Easter Week with uproar,” Orbán told Vasárnapi Újság, a Sunday morning programme of public Kossuth Radio, referring to a series of demonstrations against him and his government over the past few days.

The prime minister called it “completely understandable” that US billionaire George Soros’s “international and domestic networks” are protesting against the recent amendment to the higher education law. It is still to be understood, however, why Hungarian academics, scholars and professors “take a stand for Soros keeping his privileges instead of other universities in Hungary getting the same rights as the Central European University enjoys”, he said. Orbán called the protests “a peripheral theatre of war” of a crucial conflict, which concerns the ethnic mix of Europe. The Hungarian branches of international NGO networks conceive Europe as a continent letting in foreign ethnicities from other parts of Europe, he insisted.

Asked about when the conflict on migration will escalate, Orbán said that the European Union wanted to close the dispute by June through the approval of new immigration rules that are mandatory for all. “Some of us are still resisting,” he said, mentioning the Visegrad Four and Romania as countries determined to preserve Europe’s Christian identity. “A crucial clash is in the offing,” Orbán said, referring to the European parliamentary debate over Hungary scheduled for late April, and the next two EU summit meetings designed to bring the issue of immigration to a head.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Our Glorious Leader is 127% right, as always! The protests are not about academic freedom or democratic standards, but about supporting a vile Jewish banker who wants to send 1.5 million criminal immigrants our way.

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