April 18th, 2017

Politico: 5 ways the EU could send a message to Viktor Orbán

The Hungarian prime minister has been a thorn in Europe’s side for years and patience in Brussels is wearing thin. This week the European Commission warned Viktor Orbán that it was considering opening infringement procedures against his government, which could result in heavy fines. (…)
The moment of truth for Orbán could come as early as April 29 at a meeting of the center-right European People’s Party of which Orbán is a member — as are Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Juncker told fellow commissioners on Wednesday that “it’s time to speak about the truth.”

Here are five things that EU could do to send a message to Orbán.

Source: 5 ways the EU could send a message to Viktor Orbán

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  • d’oh

    Stop it with these “proposal to the proposal” approaches and just kick Hungary the hell out, effective immediately. And for good measure give a phone call to the Kremlin telling them if they want Hungary back, as far as Europe is concerned they are welcome to it.

    • National Hiphop

      Correction: the Kremlin is welcome to have Orbán if they want him, just like old comrade Rákosi took refuge there after brutalizing Hungary in the 1950s. Should things come to the crunch, I do hope the people of Hungary will clearly state where they wish to belong.

  • As long as EPP does not step up to its plate and kick out Fidesz from EPP, not so much will happen during this European Parliament period 2014-2019.

    Depending on the situation of the political groups after the 2019 European Parliament election, something may happen.
    On the other hand after the 2018 Hungarian Elections maybe Fidesz needs to take in “Jobbik” in its Government, so that would change the political dynamics also, creating a Austrian Jörg Haider similar situation.
    Of course given that Le Pen is not the French President…

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