April 18th, 2017

Socialists: Orbán can sense growing resistance for the first time in years

“For the first time in many years, the prime minister feels he has to explain himself; he can sense that his power has been shaken and there is growing resistance against him and his politics,” the Socialists Party said in reaction to Viktor Orbán’s interview in the daily Magyar Idők. “In line with the method of failed dictators, Orbán is trying to make himself and his followers believe that the millions rebelling against him all serve foreign interests and are funded with foreign money”.

The Socialists added that the pro- Europe young demonstrators are demanding freedom of speech, academic freedom and free and fair elections. It is only a matter of time when they will be joined by groups of people let down by the government: factory workers, pensioners, civil servants and humiliated teachers and health-care workers.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    During the Fidesz regime, Hungary has become a Fairytale Nation where even pea-brained plumbers can become billionaires. Who doesn’t want to live in a country like this?!

    • Pali

      If you don’t want to live in a country like this, then you know what to do. You will not be missed. Hungary is in good hands without doubt. Thumbs up to Orbán Viktor and his government. Say good https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ba3388467dc704364bad1311ced323f4b99270e7cc1fab06e38cbbeda6f38e86.jpg bye to the Socialists and Jobbik for good. Horrible nasty face.

      • ViktorZorroban

        Not just good hands, Pali! Divine hands!!
        Every Fidesznik knows that God himself cloned Jesus and send him to Hungary, to chase away Soros and his filthy bunch of immigrants, and to destroy the scumbags of EU, Nato and IMF. Since Orban came in power, a True Fairytale is happening and now all Hungarians fly in helicopters, drive Audi’s and have a wardrobe full with Louis Vuitton bags.

  • wolfi

    Of course the millions rebelling against him all serve foreign interests and are funded with foreign money!
    A Tiszta Magyar (Hi, olga! Having fun with l***?) will do exactly what the authority asks him to do – whether it’s some Austrian Emperor, Horthy, Hitler, Rakosi, Kádár, or Orbán!

    • Illiberal Revolution

      Stupid svab piece of shit. Hungarians fought and resisterd against all those groups, unlike Germans who follow blindly to their deaths. We are a land of freedom and demokracy, and will not allow to be ruled by tyrants.

      • wolfi

        You’re a funny creature …
        Hungary was under “foreign tyrant” rule for how many hundreds of years?

        Remember those freedom loving Hungarians who helped the Nazi troops and defended Budapest against the advancing Russians until it was almost completely destroyed?
        And before that Hungarian armies had invaded Russia – how clever of them …

      • Pali

        I agree with you, fully.

  • The main difference from before is that regular parties, like MSZP, are not taking part in the organising of these protests:

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