April 20th, 2017

Hungary will cease providing Kiskunhalas asylum-seekers with food by end of April – The Budapest Beacon

Refugees at the Kiskunhalas camp in southern Hungary have been notified that soon they will no longer receive any food or stipends for purchasing food.

Asylum seekers at the camp were first told last week that the funds they receive from the Hungarian state for purchasing food will be withdrawn, a source inside the camp told the Budapest Beacon. At the same time, refugees were told that the camp will not offer them food provisions directly either.

Source: Hungary will cease providing Kiskunhalas asylum-seekers with food by end of April – The Budapest Beacon

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  • These are the still open centres, that the asylum-seekers may leave if they want, which many already done.
    This is a tactic to force them to Go West, either will Fidesz let them flee, or arrest them and use their flight as individual reason to lock them up…
    Very Communist/Siberian way of treating people, but birds of a feather do similar things.

  • Marta Burka

    It is incredible that migrants have thousands of dollars to pay for smugglers but have not money for food. NGOs supported by Soros have an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is and feed these people. Hungary should speed up the process about the status of these people and either deny asylum or grant them residency. Hungary’s first duty is to feed its citizens who are homeless.

    • Hungarian

      There are very few asylum seekers. At Kiskunhalas it is only a few dozen. They could easily feed both them and Hungary’s poor if they didn’t pocket so much of it.

      Yes, they should speed it up, but they have budgeted very little for the judges who must hear their cases.

      And your logic is faulty. Why do you assume that someone coming from a war-ravaged nation would have enough money to both pay for transit to Europe and still have much left over? Manu of these people are victims of thieves once they enter Europe.

      Most Hungarians crossing into Austria in ’56 had nothing and yet they were welcomed into refugee camps that were setup in advance of their departure.

      • Marta Burka

        Most people who came through the Balkan route after March 2016 could not have arrived legally. They had to use smugglers because of border closures. They had to have money.

        Most of the Hungarians who left their country in 1956 were welcomed in their new country within a few month. Most have also found employment within a few weeks. Most Hungarians leaving their country were well educated and contributed greatly to the economy of their new country. It did not take them 3-4 years to be employed. The refugees were also law abiding citizens, they did not commit terrorist attacks, raped women, etc..There must be a legitimate reason why Hungary do not wish to house these migrants since they had no problems with 50 thousand Ukrainians.

        This is time for Soros NGOs to step up to the plate because
        they were advocates for migrants.

        • If you knew anything about Europe in end 50s/beginning 60s you would know that many Hungarian refugees were seen with suspicion, as refugees always have been.
          Just check the contemporary stories from Austria or this description in French from Belgium 1965, where Hungarians were described as savages.
          The Beauty Is Always In The Eye Of The Beholder, so try a mirror this morning…

          • wolfi

            You can’t reason with “Burka” – (s)he is a well known fascist in the style of l***.

          • Marta Burka

            I am a realist instead of a fascist. Hungary’s history includes 150 years of rule by the Ottoman empire which was Muslim. In 2015 Hungary was also over run by 400 thousand people which was not a great experience for the country. I am tired of seeing any small country lose its right to self government because of ideas and plans of other nations.

          • “In 2015 Hungary was also over run by 400 thousand people”

            I think the correct expression is “walk through”, for those hundred of thousands that Fidesz did not use busses and trains ferrying them to the Austrian border (in clear violation of the Dublin Treaty…).
            The question here are the handful which Fidesz already granted initial right to stay in Hungary, should be given food as part of exercising their acknowledged right for International Protection, or starve.
            Fidesz, by accepting the first step on the Asylum request, has hence, according to International Laws and Treaties that Hungary has signed, taken the responsibility for the well-being of these few asylum-seekers, including the obligation to feed them and not force them to flee to another EU member state.

          • Marta Burka

            You are right, the Hungarian refugees were looked upon with suspicion. However check back in history and you will find that no Hungarian refugee committed terrorist acts, nor did they regularly rape random young women. People usually are sympathetic to the plight of people in trouble and try to help them. However, the migrant and refugees should also observe the laws governing European nations. There is no excuse for the Paris or Belgium bombings.

          • “There is no excuse for the Paris or Belgium bombings”

            So, should I interpret that as you have excuses for the only bombing that happened in Hungary 2016 – on Terez Körut?
            This was an act similar to the latest shooting in Paris, when an homosexual Police Officer was killed and two were wounded (not sure about their sexual orientation though). In Budapest 2 Police Officers were wounded and this act was also performed by the same National as the Police Officers – A French in France and an Hungarian in Budapest.

            What does these two acts show the world – that French and Hungarians are Police Killers?

            In Hungary a few years a go, pre-2010, when an homosexual Police Officer was killed by an Austrian man, FIDESZ/KDNP-politicians wanted to deny him a State Funeral – Are you supporting the same move to deny State Privileges at Xavier’s funeral in Paris?

          • Marta Burka

            There are criminals in every country. The difference is the terrorists in England, Germany, France, etc., were either refugees/migrants or children of parents who were given asylum in those countries. Most EU countries say that they terrorists were converted over the internet. I do not believe that. If you bring up a child properly (i know) then they become law abiding citizens. Now, i do believe that most refugees are wonderful people and they contribute to their new country. The problem comes when you have not given time or not have access to data to sort out the soldiers of ISIS, Taliban or other groups who wish to harm Europe.

          • Marta Burka

            Your remark about homelessness in not quite accurate. In North American Countries they closed most mental hospitals thanks to liberals. The liberals advocated that unless a person would harm society or them selves, the government has no right to keep these poor ill people in the hospital and make them take their medicine. You should check the streets of Vancouver Canada, Toronto and other big cities. The sight would break your heart. There are literally hundreds of mentally ill people on the streets as well poor children who got hooked on drugs or had terrible homes. This is a shame but the problem is not going away soon.

          • So, your solution to mentally ill homeless people is to lock them up into closed mental asylums and drug them?

            The idea to close down mental asylums where vulnerable but non-dangerous people were locked in, just because they did not fit into the normal social pattern, was that it should be other, more respectful way of helping those needing persons.

            Your version is just to lock them up, so you do not need to see them, but maybe some new drugs can be tested on them before you and your children will have to take them?

          • “If you bring up a child properly (i know) then they become law abiding citizens”

            If the Parents are responsible for the Children’s actions, should not the Parents be punished instead/also?

            How many generations before Hungarians/Afghans/Algerians become Canadians/Germans/Brits and we start to look at them as just that?

            What about those with mixed parents, like Hungarian/Canadian – are they Canadians if born in Canada, or still Hungarians and should be regarded as 2nd generation immigrants?

            You take up an important point – How to verify an Asylum-seeker from Syria/Uzbekistan/Russia, where the Authorities will either call any refugee a terrorist or non-existing – Who to trust?

          • Marta Burka

            I believe one generation of European immigrants/refugees became Canadians. Some older people belonged to some ethnic groups, but the youth took Canadian culture to heart. We have wonderful Chinese, Indian sections of cities but everyone seem to be welcome there. These communities and other national celebrations, eg. parades,beer festival just, add more to enjoyment of life in Canada.

          • If it just take one generation in Canada (basically being born there) before you became a Canadian, why should we then regard those in the UK, Belgium and France differently – as immigrants even if they are 2nd or even 3rd generation immigrants?

            And why should we not punish their parents, then according to you – the parents are responsible if their children becomes criminals/terrorists?

    • Bowen

      And yet, Hungary criminalises homelessness, and the situation in Budapest is getting worse and worse and worse. Have you seen the metro underpasses in Astoria, or Blaha or Kalvin Ter recently? They look like refugee camps, but they are actually full of Hungarian homeless.

      So don’t pretend that Hungary cares about anyone who is in poor, or in need. The Hungarian government is disgusting, sick and corrupt, and about as far away from ‘Christian’ as it’s possible to get.

      • Marta Burka

        That is too bad. Hungary should help those people who are unable to look after themselves. I am sure that they would love to live in a converted shipping container rather than on the streets. I am sorry to hear that homelessness is becoming a worldwide problem and no one cares.

        • “I am sure that they would love to live in a converted shipping container rather than on the streets. I am sorry to hear that homelessness is becoming a worldwide problem and no one cares.”

          No, if you knew anything about homeless people, you would know that the majority has more mental than financial problems and that is the main reason for loosing their flat/house.

          It is not becoming “a worldwide problem” – it is becoming a worse problem in Hungary under Fidesz…even if Fidesz only solution so far has been criminalizing the mentally ill. Seems you cannot legislate people into mental well-being…

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