April 20th, 2017

LMP co-leader: Orbán and Fidesz lawmakers serve interests of Russia

The real danger to Hungary is posed not by independent civil organisations but by politicians who sit in parliament as foreign agents, Bernadett Szél, co-leader of green LMP said ahead of a parliamentary debate on a government bill on the transparency of civil groups. Deputies of ruling Fidesz serve foreign interests and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will do as Russian President Vladimir Putin instructs him, Szél stated. “It is politicians financed from abroad who should be stigmatised rather than civil groups,” Szél said. LMP lawmakers handed out stickers saying “I am paid from abroad” to Fidesz MPs.

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  • LMP lawmakers handed out stickers saying “I am paid from abroad” to Fidesz MPs. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9a123a1302390dd19436e220e32f37d49b89f9f60aee82b7e37d1a9bb1a4387b.jpg

  • Over the past 20 years, the role of Russian organised crime in Europe has shifted considerably. Today, Russian criminals operate less on the street and more in the shadows: as allies, facilitators and suppliers for local European gangs and continent-wide criminal networks.
    * The Russian state is highly criminalised, and the interpenetration of the criminal ‘underworld’ and the political ‘upperworld’ has led the regime to use criminals from time to time as instruments of its rule.
    * Russian-based organised crime groups in Europe have been used for a variety of purposes, including as sources of ‘black cash’, to launch cyber attacks, to wield political influence, to traffic people and goods, and even to carry out targeted assassinations on behalf of the Kremlin.
    * European states and institutions need to consider RBOC a security as much as a criminal problem, and adopt measures to combat it, including concentrating on targeting their assets, sharing information between security and law-enforcement agencies, and accepting the need to devote political and economic capital to the challenge.

    • One example of this may be the Russian guy who bombed the Dortmund Football Team Bus last week, while putting the blame on “Islamist Terror”.
      A typical example when Russian criminals further Kremlin’s political goal to destabilize Germany and upend the coming elections, by making Germans believe they are under attack from refugees…

      • wolfi

        This crazy story in German:
        The guy speculated that the shares of the football club would fall after the death of some players!
        Unbelievable! Typical Russian?
        We’re in it only for the money …

        • Suddenly there is a Russian-related wave of “terrorism” in Europe:
          a) The S:t Petersburg Subway-bombing happened after a fresh new wave of anti-Putin protests.
          Remember that many suspect Putin to have killed up to 300 Russians in Moscow in bombings, when he was was initially running for election to start the 2nd Chechen War.

          b) Soon after that the alleged Uzbek (ID not 100% yet) guy killed 4 people in Stockholm with a lorry.

          c) Rather immediately a Russian teenager was arrested in Oslo for preparing a terror attack

          d) And now we have the Russian guy in Germany bombing the Dortmund Football Club.

          Too many to just be coincidental…maybe we will later learn that yesterday’s cop-killer in Paris had connections to Russian criminal networks…?

  • Illiberal Revolution

    Orbán and Fidesz serve the interests of Hungary.

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