April 21st, 2017

New cold record set in Hungary for April 20

A record cold temperature for this day in Hungary was broken in the northern village of Kékestető, as the mercury dipped to -3 C, the national meteorological service said. The last time it got nearly this cold on April 20 was 1969 when 0.2 C. was recorded, also in Kékestető. Thursday’s highest temperature in Kékestető was 2.7 C. The national meteorological service has said temperatures are expected to return to around 15 C over the weekend.

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  • Bowen

    Yes, it was really cold. It was snowing the other day.

    Clearly, Soros was behind it. But now, it’s sunny again, so thank you Orban!

    • National Hiphop

      I think Putin is to blame for it – the meanest weather was on Wednesday, when a protest was supposed to be held at the Russian embassy. Coincidence?

    • No, not Soros – No Jewish guy has that type of SuperPowers.
      It was Gyurcsany – remember he was responsible for the storm in Budapest August 20, 2006, so he knows how to manipulate the weather.

      • ViktorZorroban

        Gyurcsany is a bastard son of Soros, so it runs in the family.

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