May 1st, 2017

Quotable: Guy Verhofstadt on the choice Orbán faces

“Do you want to be remembered as somebody who liberated your country from communism or do you want to be commemorated as an eternal enemy of our open European democratic society? That’s the choice that you have to make now.”

European Union Brexit negotiator, European Parliament liberal leader and former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, speaking to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the EU parliament in Strasbourg last week.
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  • d’oh

    Please don’t flatter the fool by telling him he’s important enough to be “remembered” for anything. He had nothing to do with the collapse of Communism and with all his would-be allies (Wilders, Le Pen, AfD) dropping like flies, he’s nothing but an irritating loudmouth who poses no threat to Europe.

  • Pali

    You illiterate scumbag d’oh. Orbán Viktor is the best thing that has happened to Hungary. He is not a fool at all. People only call other people fools, because they are fools and liars themselves. Orbán Viktor may not have doused the Communist regime, but he is certainly trying keep the communists and socialist from starting up again. No one wants to live with the bedlem they cause. You sound like a communist or a socialist, so keep your comments to yourself, there’s a good lad.

    • National Hiphop

      Pali, me old mucker… Only illiterate scumbags call others illiterate scumbags, too 😉

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