June 8th, 2017

District VIII mayor Máté Kocsis would ban teenagers from playgrounds with new bill – The Budapest Beacon

Teenagers over 14 caught using playground equipment would be fined HUF 200,000 for their crime, or would have the option to fork over HUF 50,000 on the spot.

Source: District VIII mayor Máté Kocsis would ban teenagers from playgrounds with new bill – The Budapest Beacon

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  • The bill package includes also the following regulations:
    * Those citizens who do not indicate their apartment number on their doors would be fined HUF 200,000.
    * No business or pub could stay open after 10 pm without the authorization of nearby residents.
    * Even if a business is authorized to stay open past 10 pm, their right to sell alcoholic drinks would be revoked after 10 pm. This regulation would not apply to pubs and restaurants.
    * Dog owners would not be allowed to wash their dogs at drinking fountains.

    As I understand Fidesz Budapest has stopped any changes to businesses open hours or limiting selling alcohol, then a high Fidesz guy has several pubs/restaurants in 8th district. The message was very clear to Máté Kocsis – If you want to be electable for Fidesz in 2018 – stop this shit.

    So it has been removed from the agenda to be decided now in June…good question how they do with the other issues, then this Spring Máté Kocsis profiled himself in the district as the Mayor who would bring catering to stop operating in the 8th district (to later be bought up by his friends at a bargain-price).
    Maybe they will invent some extra/new rule that will exclude pro-Fidesz catering-places?

    • wolfi

      Which Tiszta Magyar needs a bar when he has at home those 50 liters of moonshine which he can distill tax-free? And if you need fluid – Lidl now sells a 2 liter bottle of beer for less than 350 HUF …
      But the mafia needs some places to meet of course and where they can take stupid tourists to rob them of their money …

      • CG Walkman

        Hi Wolfi, Hope you are doing well. Thanks for the Lidl tip, although I’m not really sure I’ll be up early and lining up outside the store for them to open. 🙂

    • Actually I was a bit out of date – the latest news is that Máté Kocsis went through with his plans to stop any shops open after 22, but modified the new rules so it only affects NEW shops, so all Fidesz-owned shops are not affected.

      The problem is of course you cannot sell your shop now, then the new owners will be hit with the cannot be open after 22, but this act is aiming to crush six shops in 8th district. Some are seen to have a drog-problem (which the Police or Tax office should fix the normal way) and at least one has a Radical Left/Anarchist approach, driving the Local Government nuts.

      The expectation is that this law will be struck off the books, then it imposes severe and unfair problems for local businesses and will just make cheating the only way to work, if you want to sell your shop and get some money for it…

  • Another view of this is that Fidesz is mulling to replace their current Budapest Mayor Tarlos, with Máté Kocsis, or at least making Máté Kocsis to a vice Budapest Mayor, which meaning there will be a new Fidesz Mayor for the 8th District, to be crowned latest 2019.

    Máté Kocsis is not originally Fidesz, he started out as MIÉP, but chose to change to Fidesz, while many others went to “Jobbik”. Obviously Máté Kocsis made a better career choice…

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