June 8th, 2017

Edelény mayor’s wife builds family house with EU funds – The Budapest Beacon

The wife of former Fidesz MP and current mayor of Edelény Oszkár Molnár applied for EU grants worth HUF 25.7 million (USD 94,000) in 2013 to build a syrup-making facility but uses the finished building as the family’s home, reports mno.hu. Mrs Molnár pledged to operate the facility sustainably for five years, however Magyar Nemzet did not find any trace of its syrup products in Edelény.

Source: Edelény mayor’s wife builds family house with EU funds – The Budapest Beacon

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  • CG Walkman

    Disgusting – living off the blood and sweat of western Europeans.

    • Damien Dae

      European citizens should be informed of these ill practices. I am wondering how it would go down? Until now, the EU hasn’t done much about it but if voters in other EU Member-States took this into account, maybe that would change…

    • pantanifan

      and, perhaps more importantly, diverting funds which are meant to be used to help Hungary develop and catch up with Western Europe. When will Fidesz voters complain about corruption within their own party?

      • CG Walkman

        Why would they?

        • pantanifan

          Because corruption is damaging to everyone, whichever party they vote for? Because in the long-term the country should be using EU funds to develop economically? Because some Fidesz voters care more about their country’s future than lining their own pockets? Because voting for a party doesn’t mean you have to support every single thing it does, especially if immoral activities are concealed by political interests?

          • CG Walkman

            And you think the Fidesz voter cares?

            As you were typing your reply, I was on the way back from a house meeting where the house manager and 3 audit members have been pilfering money and making unauthorised payments. When it was suggested that a system be implemented to limit disbursement of funds above a certain limit without the house approval, everyone voted it down simply because a foreigner made it. They were content to keep bitching among themselves before and after the meeting. Don’t know if they were all Fidesz voters, but the attitude was the same.

          • pantanifan

            “And you think the Fidesz voter cares?” Some do, some don’t, there are quite a few of them…

          • CG Walkman

            Some do, most don’t……..There, I’ve corrected it for you.

          • pantanifan

            Actually I don’t agree. I think most people are against corruption, but the problem with politics is that it is often viewed as binary, i.e. a is always better than b (or vice versa) and even when presented with evidence of a’s corruption, the response is “it’s still not as bad as b”. Maybe c, d or e would be a better choice but why waste your vote on a party that can’t win?!

          • CG Walkman

            So, basically the Fidesz voters don’t care because they think alternative is worse, because their vote will be wasted, because they get 50 litres of palinka tax-free, because they don’t have to pay their full mortgage, because they think they’re going to get a piece of the action, because the sky is blue, because the moon is round, because because because…………, ok, I get it.

            What I don’t get is why house owners didn’t want any oversight of their representatives who continue to pilfer and squander their own funds.

          • wolfi

            Again this reminds me of the Hungarian motto:
            It’s only corruption if I’m not in it!
            This seems part of the Hungarian psyche – always hoping that a (small obviously …) part of the spoils will come to you and “the neighbour’s cow will croak”, not yours.
            Yesterday we sa a lot of these billboards (were on the road south of the Balaton) – the funny ones from Jobbik, wondering whether they are having any effects?
            And the typical stupid and lame answer from Fidesz: Hungary is strong in Europe!
            Without any explanation how and why – just the picture of a tiger (silly association – Fidesz and a tiger?) and I immediately had to think about that wonderful movie Üvegtigris. We had a good laugh …

          • pantanifan

            I think you’re misinterpreting what I’m trying to say, but it doesn’t matter. I would just ask how you think you can stop people voting for fidesz or get them to vote for another party?
            Re.: the house owners, it seems very strange i agree

          • CG Walkman

            Not my role to get people to vote for another party. I’m more concerned with how to improve existing policies and systems.

            Re: Your previous question, when will Fidesz voters complain about corruption……………..I think Wolfi hit the nail on the head when he spoke about the Hungarian psyche. Maybe when that changes, you will see your answer.

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