June 9th, 2017

European Public Prosecutor’s Office established without Hungary’s participation – The Budapest Beacon

20 member states of the European Union have agreed to establish the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), an independent Union body with the authority to investigate and prosecute EU-fraud and other crimes affecting the Union’s financial interests, reports index.hu. Hungary already indicated that it will not support the establishment of such a body.

Source: European Public Prosecutor’s Office established without Hungary’s participation – The Budapest Beacon

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  • ViktorZorroban

    Considering that there is no fraud in Hungary, it would be a waste of money to participate in such program. Money that can be much better used to warn Hungarians for the danger of Brussels on TV, billboards and in papers.

  • The idea of the EPPO was also rejected by Denmark, Poland, Malta, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Ireland, but these abstaining countries will have the opportunity to join the initiative later.
    “It is unacceptable that Hungary and Poland, the two countries that benefit the most from EU grants, did not join the EPPO,” Párbeszéd (Dialogue for Hungary) MEP Benedek Jávor wrote on his website. “The recently published 2016 OLAF report confirms the use of EU grants in Hungary is accompanied by an extremely high rate of corruption.”

    However, a rumored proposal that would make participating in the EPPO obligatory for member states in order to apply for EU grants could soon become a reality.
    Indeed, European Commissioner for Justice Věra Jourová raised the idea of making EU grant payments dependent on EPPO membership at a press conference on Thursday.
    However, the EPPO will have much stronger authority than the existing EU authorities, at least in the participating countries, as it will be able to start cross-border investigations without the obligatory coordination between the Justice Departments of the member states, and will have the authority to prosecute offenders in the courts of the member states.

    EPPO is the first step towards a EU-wide system of courts, kept out of the sovereignty of the member states and that is why it is important.
    This is implemented the EU-way, slowly and by building consensus, with the help of some carrots -like ‘if you want grants, you better let us check your performance’.

    The initial problems EPPO will have, is that it is still very dependent on the participating member state’s own organs, like Police and Courts, hence the next major steps will be to create a bigger EUROPOL and a distributed system of EU-courts, that all are responsible to the trans-national body of the EU and not to their individual EU member states.

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