June 9th, 2017

George Soros: receiving migrants humanitarian obligation for Europe

It is an obligation for Europe to receive migrants, US financier George Soros said in response to a question to Hungarian public news channel M1. “I believe it is Europe’s obligation to care for migrants. It is a humanitarian obligation and I hope Europe will fulfil it,” he said in response to M1’s question concerning whether Europe would indeed be a better place as a result of receiving migrants or whether he was “motivated by economic considerations when making such claims”.

Soros attended the launch of an institute for Roma culture in Berlin. In response to a question about the criticism his views concerning migrants attracted in central and eastern Europe, he said “I am ideologically opposed to the people who are waging that war and I stick to my principles, stand up for it, and I think we shall prevail.”

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  • Nice and nobel of course to speak about humanitarian obligations, but the hard fact is that Europe needs more people and immigration is the cheapest resource to create that.

    • Adrian Werner

      Automation will wipe out half of the jobs in next few decades. The jobs that will be left won’t be the ones most migrants from Africa or Middle East will be able to do.

      • You have to work with the people you have – if they lack certain needed skills, then you bring them those needed skills, to be able to fast integrate them into their new society.

        For yourself, I wish you all the best with Nadine, the humanoid robot personal care assistant, that will take care of you…

        • Global Threat

          A guardian link. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!! Shows how dumb you really are. Bahahahaha!!

          • Show what is wrong with the link, not your state of mind…

          • Pali

            You twisted African is what is wrong with the link. Your mind is in arrays and needs dumping. Europe does not need illegal migrants from Africa, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran or any other country that breeds muslim trouble. Soros is wrong. It is not the responsibility of Europe to take in these illegal migrants. They have their own countries to look after and build. Marta Burka is right, when she said they should all be sent back to build their own countries. Half of them are thick and have no intention of working, just sponging of the the European countries. Besides, genuine refugees are looking for genuine help. They are also backed by identification, unlike the illegal migrants who have none. Another besides, as marta Burka pointed out, it has taken hard work to get Europe where it is, including two world wars, so theoretically, the Europeans should have the absolute right to decide who they want to live with, not who is forced on them. Soros is in this for the money, and is not in the least interested in the poplar of Europe or the world for that matter. If you are still interested in your own people, why don’t you go back and give them some help yourself, because by the sound of you you are not happy in Europe. So go away and don’t come back.

          • “You twisted African”

            The common thinking is that we all, of us who are humans at least, comes from Africa, so not sure where you are thinking you come from…

            “Besides, genuine refugees are looking for genuine help. They are also backed by identification, unlike the illegal migrants who have none”
            Interesting point, then you have categorically claimed that you would refuse to help anybody who is not White and a Christian, regardless their paper.
            To demand that refugees ID may be collaborated with oppressive regimes in Syria/Chechnya/etc is of course a death sentence for those relatives who still has not been able to flee and is against anything what Hungary has signed to regarding International Protection for Refugees.
            None of the Hungarian refugees ID after 1956 were ever checked with the oppressive Russia-backed Communist regime…

            The Austrians were very nervous for those post-1956 Hungarian refugees who were very ungrateful and demanded expensive medicines and food, etc, so reluctance about liking refugees is nothing new in Europe, but it does not mean that those Hungarians fleeing Communism were bad for Europe.

      • Global Threat

        100% correct.

    • Global Threat

      Europe doesn’t need anyone. Especially people like you.

      • If you click my avatar, you will see that I am a descendent of the Aboriginal Europeans, not the invaders/occupiers of your ilk/ancestors.
        Still I think Europe needs people who are willing to build their future here, which obviously excludes you, who does not live here.

        • Global Threat

          You’re an African. STFU.

          • wolfi

            And you loonie go back to breitbart or wherever you came from!

          • Pali

            And you sir, go back to your Nazi homeland and wipe Merkels backside. How you managed to meet and marry a good decent Hungarian, I do not know. You are a disgrace.

          • wolfi

            You’re funny in a way – my wife and her family are democrats, not like you little fascist loonie.
            We just heard stories about Fidesz corruption again – Jobbik is absolutely right (it almost pains me towrite that).
            Fidesz politicians are “building” Potemkin projects to channel EU money into their pockets – unbelievable but true and the sheeple here in Hungary don’t get anything. It’s time to throw them out of the EU or …

          • Pali

            Stories. Yes, and all they are. Oh, and I apologize. We are in the same trained minds, My wife and I are devout Democrats. incidentally, we both hate Communists, Socialists and fascists.

          • “My wife and I are devout Democrats”

            So why do you hate the Hungarians who fled Communist Hungary?
            Your hatred for refugees shows that…

          • Pali

            You have it all wrong. I do not hate the Hungarians who who fled Communist Hungary, and secondly, I do not hate refugees. I have lived in Hungary long enough to know what the people are like and what they want. Most of them are peaceful people who are looking for peace. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of bloody minded Communists in the country who are still trying to dominate the land with their Communistic views. One cannot blame the ones who fled the Communists in 1956-7, as it was eith freedom or death. They were and still are Europeans, unlike the migrants coming in from muslim countries, who are trouble to the European people. The Hungarians fleeing Hungary were genuine refugees, the same as the ones fleeing death in Syria etc. who are running away from death because they are Christians. So, get your facts right, and if you don’t like what is going on here, go back to your own people.

          • “Unfortunately, there are still a lot of bloody minded Communists in the country who are still trying to dominate the land with their Communistic views”

            Nice that we can agree on your description of many Fidesz/”Jobbik” voters/politicians.

          • “The Hungarians fleeing Hungary were genuine refugees, the same as the ones fleeing death in Syria etc. who are running away from death because they are Christians”

            Yet again I have to point to this study:
            “The fact that thousands of refugees stayed in Austria proved especially difficult for Austria’s interior security officials, who were concerned about their political activities. Among the refugees there were many activists who held political discussions, tried to create refugee organizations, and even hoped to continue promoting the ideals of the revolution. By mid-November 1956, when the fighting in Hungary began to die out, more young people who wanted to continue the struggle assembled in Austria. The perturbed Austrian Foreign Minister wrote: “Taking into account the large number of people, it becomes harder and harder for the Austrian authorities responsible to control and prevent the political activities of the refugees. Considering their political danger, immediate transportation of large numbers to other countries is already urgently necessary.”[44]

            The highest priority was to remove the refugees from the border area in order to prevent possible political incidents. The governor of the eastern province of Burgenland had already detected irredentist activities there.[45] Other authorities also observed that refugees were creating new political organisations. In February 1957 a directive by the Interior Ministry addressed the political and intelligence activities of the Hungarian refugees in Austria: “The Ministry of the Interior is, under no circumstances, willing to tolerate any activity by foreigners in Austria which aims to disturb the peaceful relations of the Republic with other states, or which aims to influence the internal political situation in other countries.”[46]”

            Hungarians fleeing 1956 and after created the same problems that all refugees have done over time. They were not different, nor treated differently.

            Also HOW many ‘Christian refugees’ do you and your neighbours want Hungary to receive?
            There are many millions in the MidEast, Asia and Africa waiting to migrate to Europe – The Home of Christianity….

          • STFU?
            Aaahh, you mean this…

          • Pali

            You really are disgusting, aren’t you. This is the sort of things you African-Arab dimwits do when they want a wee wee or a number 2. They squat in the street and do it, then wipe their bums with a stone. I’ve seen them do it.

          • “you African-Arab dimwits”

            That is not a way to talk to an European Aboriginal, who is trying to claim back the Carpathian Basin from you Magyarized Slavs!
            You are all ‘illegal immigrants’!

          • Pali

            Go to hell you dimwit. You hide behind this mask called European Aboriginal, yet you give no indication what you stand for. If I was you, I would change your picture and crawl out from under the stone you hide under, and let us all know what you really are.

          • “let us all know what you really are”

            * Human
            * European
            * Ancestors came to the Carpathian Basin like 45.000 years ago as the first Homo Sapiens, when only Neanderthals lived in Europe.

            So were are you from?
            Today’s Iran or Mongolia or the MidEast?

  • Marta Burka

    No one created Soros God. He is an evil old man who should be confined in an institution so he could do no more harm.

  • Marta Burka

    Soros professes that it is OK to abdicate responsibility of scores of governments in Africa, Middle-east so he could increase his financial empire by encouraging migration.. Every government has responsibility first and foremost to look after its citizens and not to interfere in other governments policies. Migrant should be returned to their homeland so they can help build their great nation.

    European people have paid dearly for their way of life and have every right to live in a safe country without threats of rape, robbery and murder.

    Soros has an inferiority complex because no government made him emperor.

    • “Migrant should be returned to their homeland so they can help build their great nation”

      In Syria they would just be imprisoned and dying slowly of torture…

      • Global Threat

        Not our problem. My ancestors fought and died for the homeland. They weren’t cowards, like people like you. Too bad.

        • I am willing to pick up a rifle to fight Putin.
          I will probably meet you – as one of Putin’s paid soldiers.

          • Global Threat

            You’ll die in Eastern Europe. Africans like you are subhuman.

          • Thanks for confirming that you are just a paid Kremlin troll – all words and no action…

          • Pali

            No No No. you are the one who offers no action but words. If you were so interested in the muslim countries, why not go back there and help their dilemma, and stop spending time running Europe down.

          • I think local people should help themselves and that outside unsolicited help often backfires.
            How do you want to help your Christian Brothers in Egypt, Syria and several countries in Africa and Asia that are slaughtered now?
            Will you open your and your neighbours’ doors for them?

            Or religion is not important, but race is?

          • Pali

            Putin is not the World or European problem,so leave him out of it. Russia is not the ones trying to create war, it is the idiots from the Arab countries, the muslims. You would probably know, you are probably one of them.

          • “Russia is not the ones trying to create war, it is the idiots from the Arab countries, the muslims”

            You are obviously not that old, then you seems to have no knowledge of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan December 1979 until they were pushed out in February 1989. This created a very well trained gerilla (Mujahideen), where many non-Afghan joined the fight, like Al-Qaeda, the militant Sunni Islamist multi-national organization founded in 1988 by Osama bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam and several other Arab volunteers from this guerilla.

            You maybe are so old that you remember Al-Qaeda’s September 11, 2001 attacks?
            You maybe remember what happened thereafter?

            Another bloody and ruthless war was the two Chechnya wars, where Putin before starting the 2nd war, killed over 300 Russians in Moscow, by exploding bombs that were blamed on Chechens and used as argument to be elected. 150-200.000 Chechens were killed in these two wars.

            After that Putin personally started the attack on Georgia in 2008 and attack against Ukraine in 2014, so you go on that Putin/Kremlin is making no problems for Europe…

            Europe is aware about the Russian problem, hence Ukrainians now have VISA-free travels from today into the EU. Also all EU member states have now signed off on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, which is an important step on the road to full EU membership.

            Ukraine will play an important role in the new EU-wide Defence Co-op that now has started and accelerated after Drumpf’s refusal to support Article 5, especially for East-European NATO-members.

            But for you, women and children fleeing is a YUGE problem….IF they are not White and Christian.

          • Russia is not the ones trying to create war, it is the idiots from the Arab countries, the muslims.

            Yes, of course…

  • Global Threat

    This criminal should be thrown in prison. He’s trying to destroy Europe.

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